Lost Society

Braindead” is the third studio release of the Finnish Thrash Metal band Lost Society, released through Nuclear Blast Records. In relation to its previous two albums, the duration of tracks has increased and there are both more screaming and clean vocals. The album comprises of 10 tracks (including two bonus tracks), with the video for “I am the Antidote”—the first track of the album—released on December 15th, 2015.

This opening is the main highlight of the whole album. The twin guitar solos just nailed it—it’s too good for my ears to handle. The second track “Riot”, however, is a big disappointment. There are Nu-Metal influences and does not sound fitting for a Thrash Metal band. Fortunately the band soon returns to their old school thrash with “Mad Torture”. “Hollow Eyes” follows with a double bass shred pattern that goes beyond expectation, and the album continues in this fashion demonstrating their ability to compose Thrash Metal, with only the seventh track, “Only (My) Death is Certain”, tastefully adding a touch of Melodic Death Metal to the mix.

This is an album to watch out for, reflecting the maturity of them as artists. Whilst their earlier work sounded old school but this one has more of a groove to it. The screamed vocals didn’t worked out, but the the instrumentation is just mind blowing. From the very first song it’ll bring an adrenaline rush to your body.

Release date: 12-02-2016
Reviewer: Nayan Deka
Score: 7

Nayan Deka

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