Black Hole Mass Evolution

Under The Pledge Of Secrecy

With as interesting a band name as Under The Pledge of Secrecy, and an even more thought-provoking album title (Black Hole Mass Evolution), you can guess at what kind of ride you’re in for prior to your first listen. Let me assure you, it’s a crazy one. Crazy, but worthwhile.

Under The Pledge of Secrecy deliver what I like to call ‘coherent chaos’. Being a Grindcore band, chaos is to be expected, however, there’s much more to their music than unadulterated sporadic noise. Where you find brutality you’ll also find melody; what you first believe to be merely discord and an assault on the ears, you’ll soon realise is an artistic and slightly twisted take on harmony. There aren’t many bands in this genre that possess so much character.

Throughout the entirety of Black Hole Mass Evolution there’s a thick, unmistakable atmosphere present that can be compared to that of bands like Gorguts, Ulcerate and Pyrhhon. The album is hard-hitting and fast-paced with a few small exceptions, and one bigger exception,”The Breakeven”; the clean-cut seventh track of the album.

Due to the fact that all but two of the songs on the album are 2-3 minutes long, it may take a few listens to fully appreciate what Under The Pledge Of Secrecy is all about, but if you value personal and unique portrayals of Extreme Metal no doubt you’ll eventually come to cherish the convoluted beauty that is before you.

A last word of advice: Make sure you stick it out to the the epic end! “The First Light”, the album’s climax, pulls everything together. It’s easily my favorite song off of Black Hole Mass Evolution (It’s also the longest at 8:26).

Release date: 03-02-2016
Reviewer: Joseph Prieto
Score: 8

Joseph Prieto

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