Baltic Hell Warm Up 2016

Location: Grevesmühlen, Commercial Area Grüner Weg
Date: 12./13.08.2016

Grevesmühlen is a cozy town in the district North-East-Mecklenburg. Just 15 km further north you already reach the Baltic Sea. First mentioned in 1226 the city now is one of the 18 “Resource Centres” in this state Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania (source Wikipedia). This weekend, the city hosted the Baltic Hell Warm Up Festival.

The weather god didn’t mean it too well with the rock fans before the festival and sent short showers again and again. But in the evening the rain stopped at first. Unfortunately the headliner on both nights, Wicked Plan from Switzerland, had to cancel due to health reasons. Thus only four bands played on Friday evening, but with extended play time.

As the first band was Dreiviertel Noin from Schwerin on stage. For the band’s name probably the time 09:45 was an inspiration (in northern Germany actually “Viertel vor Neun,” and in the English language “a quarter to nine”). According to information, they play “Subculture Oi-Punk”. Punk music where many songs have the flair of pub drinking songs, but musically are still well packed. In the setlist you find original composition, in which the large and small problems of everyday life (for example, „Ach ja der Alkohol” – “Oh yes, the alcohol”) are discussed. Only in the encores were some covers (Volxsturm and Die Kassierer). Story on the edge, it was singer Liesa’s birthday and she got a serenade sung by the band and fans.
Breathing Punx are a hopeful young band of the School of Rock Timmendorfer Strand. In addition to their own compositions, the youngsters also played various cover songs of their great idols such as Ramones (“Blitzkrieg”) or Die Ärzte (“Schrei nach Liebe”). For me, however, the highlight of the show was “Eisgekühlter Bommerlunder” (Die Toten Hosen). Memories of my youth awoke.

Then entered clenched girl power the stage, Jesters from Rostock. Whoever thinks of four young girls on stage about Floral Pop, is deviated. Powerful Rock’n Roll of the old school was on the program, with a pinch of punk attitude. In addition to their own songs, there are also (still) to hear a number of cover versions. Unfortunately towards the end of the show  it started to rain again.

And the rain continued at the beginning of the show of Cadilläc Blood from Wismar, and got even stronger. The stage was wet and dangerously slippery. But that did not harm the mod on or off the stage. The band confidently stylish played many areas of rock, metal, punk and rock and roll. And they drove away the dark rain clouds. At the end of the show the sky was starry. And at the final medley (AC/DC, Metallica, Manowar …) they were joined by colleagues and friends of other bands that have played that day. Oh, finally the musicians again cheered the birthday child Liesa.

Saturday started initially dry and windy. Starting off were Godzkill from Neubrandenburg. The band agreed to step in as a replacement at short notice a day before the festival. Since the previous sound check took longer than planned the four launched late in a shortened set. The band convinced with classic hard rock and made thus for a good start to the second day.

During the gig of Trail of Blood from Parchim dark rain clouds approached again and couldn’t be banished by the melodic thrash metal, that banged out of the speakers now. While it was raining cats and dogs the four presented their version of Iron Maiden’s “The Trooper,” but without the British flag.
And it rained on. Nevertheless, DER DUNKLE KLOTH from Boltenhagen came on stage. There it was extremely slippery due to the rain, both guitarists had to be extremely cautious when they stood upon their pedals. With their music, which they call “Küst ‘n’ Rock ‘n’ Roll“ (“Coast ‘n’ Rock ‘n’ roll”), they provided much good vibrations among the fans, who stood in the pouring rain in front of the stage. And like a reward the sun came out from behind the clouds and both musicians and fans were able to admire a rainbow.

Since 1985 Pride’n’Rock from Wismar are addicted to hard rock of the 70s and 80s, the music of bands like AC/DC, Saxon or Judas Priest. And with exactly this sound they took us on a musical time-journey on the Baltic Hell Stage. In addition to their own songs, the band also played several covers of their idols. “Hells Bells,” “Nightcrawler” or “Ace Of Spades,” to name a few.

The metal version of Abba’s classic “Mamma Mia” was the first song ever I’ve heard of Seven Thorns from the Danish capital. Although founded in 1998, the musicians only released two albums (2010 and 2015). On stage, the musicians burned off a true power metal fireworks. Besides their own songs of both albums was of course “Mamma Mia” on the set list. This was an hour Power Metal at its best. The fans in front of the stage were thrilled.
Due to the cancellation of Wicked Plan the appearance of Acronis from Lübeck was moved to the late evening hours. In their sound is heard a variety of influences from Rock, Hard Rock, Heavy Metal and Thrash. Paired with progressive musical elements they create a unique melange that makes every concert a special experience. At the conclusion of the two-day festival Cadilläc Blood played for the second time. This time they celebrated with their fans that they took on stage.

Two days Baltic Hell Warm Up. Two days live music, a mix of rock, hard rock and metal. Two days varied weather, sun, rain, wind. And two days unfortunately only a few viewers. But all those who were there, musicians and fans had two days of fun. The festival was organized with a lot of love and passion. Apart from some technical problems, the sound was excellent. A big thank you to all participants, whether organizers, bands, security or catering. All have contributed to the success of the event. See you again next year.

Rainer Kerber

This author is no longer associated with Metal On Loud Magazine.

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