Assassins Of The Pentagram


Cheesy name for sure. That I can say for sure. But the first thing to come across your mind is of the first pioneer albums of the Black Metal album. It was typical to the late 80’s – mid 90’s Era of the Black Metal to possess such album names. When you start listening, you will also find that authentic sound. Limited to 400 copies on a 12″ black Vinyl , “Assassins Of The Pentagram” is a trve, kvlt record to own! Hailing all the way from Detmold, Germany, those are OBSESSOR.

Listening to this record brought me back to the good ol’ days of grandpa VENOM. As a new guy in Black Metal, I’ve found my love for this genre just few monthes ago, and I can promise you – this Vinyl is amazing, it worth every penny, this is an old school record to be surely found in my collection.
Browsing through the song revealed me a continues mix of TRVE KVLT BLACK METAL. With the amazing feel of the oldschool records, the reverbed voice, the cutting drums, and the perfectly muddy mix, gives you the right feel. Great stuff for slumber parties, underground shows, and small venues.
Also, I may add, is that this band evolved from the Thrash Metal era into Oldschool Black Metal through their records. Which, to my opinion, really fits them more. I enjoy listening to them in their modern outfit more than I heard them during “Blitzkrieg Battalion“, so it is actually a great thing.


Last but not least, I will also add that I am most pleased from their advance in the genre, and that they keep the flame burning for all the old-school lovers that there is.

Release date: 28-11-2015
Reviewer: Zohar Belkin
Score: 8

Zohar Belkin

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