Antithetical Conjurations

Towers Of Flesh

I will be honest. What really attracted me into this band was her name. TOWERS OF FLESH. And Fortunately, I have found out about a great, morbid and dark Black Metal trio. I won’t talk here about each other song, because for me, Black Metal is one continues mix of hatred and sorrow. I even find some comfort in that type of metal, especially in this band for some odd reason. Their skills don’t fall from the top names of the Underground Black in the world. Their music fits a small, dark and cold club, small venues, and great underground society that go to shows. Just from the great days of the Black Metal in the late 80’s.

From my aspect as a sound engineer I will add and say, I don’t know how they did it – but they achieved the great tone of the TRVE KVLT Black Metal. I couldn’t resist and posted about this album on my FaceBook page as well. This is one of those bands I would love to hear more, and more, and more, and from the first time I heard them – I said, “Wow! Those guys know how to do Black Metal without getting me bored!”

“Beg For Absolution”, however, gave me a different feel. I would categorize it as a good intro for the album. But seriously, I couldn’t resist the fact that I actually liked this album very much. Aye, this review is shorter than usual but I have to admit, this album kicks serious ass. If you are into Black Metal or you are not, this is a great CD to have and a great album to listen to

Release date: 08-09-2014
Reviewer: Zohar Belkin
Score: 10

Zohar Belkin

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