A Skeletal Domain

Cannibal Corpse

Listening to New York’s marauders of death is not foreign for me. The story starts back in the 7th grade, when I first heard the album “Tomb Of The Mutilated“. 
To be completely honest with all of you, at first, it was shocking moving on from Heavy Metal to Brutal Death Metal. Now the corpses come back with a hitting, heavy, brutal album called “A Skeletal Dominion“. So, Hailing all the way from Buffalo, New York – CANNIBAL CORPSE came to rip you apart.

The album starts with the song “High Velocity Impact Spatter“, which starts pretty calmly, and transforms into yet-another-heavy-stuff by the corpse, and after a few minutes – comes in the well-known technical solos by the band CANNIBAL CORPSE. A great start for a great journey.

Sadistic Embodiment” however, just comes in, kills you, spits in your face, and leaves you to rot. Ever heard the song “Pit Of Zombies“? Well, this quite resembles that song. Great, amazing, fun, and wonderful. Yes, I know that somehow raises your eyebrow when I say fun and wonderful about such a brutal band, but yes. This music really brings me back in time. In fact, I am so amazed by this band each time I hear them; it is amazing.  Completely feeling the great times of CANNIBAL CORPSE. This review is pretty short but accurate since you don’t have to really dig up each and every song on this album to analyze it, because it totally sounds pretty much the same, which somewhat sucks to me. From the other side, it sounds precise and accurate, creating a continuous mix of a great album created by the pioneers of the Brutal Death Metal genre, CANNIBAL CORPSE.

 Track listing

No. Title Lyrics Music Length
1. “High Velocity Impact Spatter”   Mazurkiewicz O’Brien 4:06
2. “Sadistic Embodiment”   Mazurkiewicz O’Brien 3:17
3. “Kill or Become”   Barrett Barrett 3:50
4. “A Skeletal Domain”   Mazurkiewicz O’Brien 3:38
5. “Headlong Into Carnage”   Webster Webster 3:01
6. “The Murderer’s Pact”   Webster Webster 5:05
7. “Funeral Cremation”   Mazurkiewicz O’Brien 3:41
8. “Icepick Lobotomy”   Barrett Barrett 3:16
9. “Vector of Cruelty”   Webster Webster 3:25
10. “Bloodstained Cement”   Webster Webster 3:41
11. “Asphyxiate to Resuscitate”   Mazurkiewicz Barrett, Mazurkiewicz 3:47
12. “Hollowed Bodies”   Mazurkiewicz O’Brien 3:05
Total length:

Release date: 12-09-2014
Reviewer: Zohar Belkin
Score: 7

Zohar Belkin

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