Trolls et légendes

Trolls and legends is really a nice, cosplay festival. During three days there is a market, where you can buy all kinds of stof you could need to make your cosplay perfect. From elves ears, up to the witches potion, you can find it all. It’s a joy for a photographer to walk around and shoot all the beautiful creatures  at the venue.   In the evenings there’s always a (metal)gig in the large hall of the Expo in Mons. On saturday, Metal on Loud was there to see Ithiliën, Skeptical Minds, Rastaban and Korpiklaani.

Ithiliën started the evening. I thought this was a logical choice, cause they kind of fit the festival.  The use of traditional instruments as the Hurdy Gurdy and the Bouzouki , strengthens that feeling. The band was a good warm-up for what was to come.

Skeptical Minds. Without a doubt, a band that jumps out of the metal we are used to hear. The electro-industrial metal with eastern influences is one of a kind. No other band plays that same music.  The voice of the always goofy Karolina is a perfect fit. The band got the whole(slightly overcrowded ) venue moving.  After a strong,powerful set, they ended as we are used by SKM, with ” The Ace of Spades”, by  Motorhead.  Great show!!

Not really a metal band, Rastaban, more a folkband with influences from all over the world. Marine, the young, energetic lady that does the vocal parts was really having fun. Maybe it was because of her birthday. When the crowd was informed of that, everybody spontaniously started to sing. After that she was a bit of guard, but soon everything went smooth again. For me this band had to be second of the evening. They fitted more between the cosplay festival and the metal. Besides they use lots of the same instruments as Ithiliën, but they add a slideridoo.

And then, the top band for the evening, always fun….Korpiklaani. We had the pleasure of meeting the band during the day,  and now it was time to listen to them.  We’ve seen Korpiklaani a few times already, and the last time was not so long ago. So the setlist was a bit familiar, yet still it had that challenge to party. And that was what the crowd did!  ” A man with a plan”, which was the first song, already set the place on fire.  ” Rauta” and “Lahti” amongst a lot of other songs kept the fire going for 75 minutes. The two final songs, mandatory for Korpiklaani and their fans, were “Vodka” and “Beer Beer”.  That made the fire go through the roof! The crowd lost their mind and danced into the night! Happy faces everywhere!!

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