Metal over Malta V

Day 1: Friday 22 March – The Garage, Zebbuġ

Meanwhile, the annual trip to Malta in March is almost a fixed entry on my calendar. After being “convinced” by the band Weeping Silence (Organizers) to go to the 2nd edition, I’ve been to all next ones. It’s not that costly as it seems; low-cost carrier direct flight from my hometown and the high season in Malta isn’t started yet.  The weather is usually nicer then in northern Europe, so combining with a holiday is almost obvious.

Related to the festival. Maybe not the biggest names on the bill, nevertheless interesting ones. This edition of Metal over Malta was no longer at Chateau Buskett, a nice location but not primarily a festival location. More practical also, with last year’s numbers, it seemed be a good idea to change set-up, de facto two different locations.

For most (including Malta) Friday is a working day. Less visitors, so a smaller program was planned at a better matching location, a real music oriented venue: The Garage in Zebbuġ. The last was definitely  noticeable, the sound was considerably better and an environment better matching metalheads. A funny experience there; Carlsberg, one of the sponsors, did provide bottled beer. However after the second band all the beer was gone, The venue arranged some additional draft beer, which stretched availability to the third band. Luckily the Garage did have a huge supply of liquors, so a lot of people had no issue to switch.

Mur.Doc 104

The honor for opening was on the Maltese band Mur. Doc 104, a 5-piece thrash metal band that mainly is inspired by the Bay Area movement in Malta in the late 80’s, This reasonably old school trash was well received by the most local visitors. As the scene is small and Malta is not that big, most are quite ‘well-known’. Anyway, it was a good start of Metal over Malta.

Marche Funèbre

The first International participation came from not so far away for me. Mechelen (Belgium) based  Marche Funèbre was on next. To speak with their words: “The March is coming… With the sound of DOOM!! “. And Doom it was. I have seen the band play before on Doom over Gorinchem (Netherlands), and I was not really impressed. Now It was totally different, definitely a pleasant surprise. Later turned out, for me the best act of the day.

Victims of Creation

Next up again a local band named Victims of Creation. The four members produced a heavy dark and slow sound with many old-school Doom and Death metal elements. It was all-in-all not that spectacular or renewing, it was solid and entertaining.  but nice. Most songs were familiar to the locals. They reacted quite enthusiastic and created (influenced by the liquor) a nice atmosphere.


An excellent crew had made sure that the change-overs went very well, shorter than scheduled. Most bands started earlier giving them a little more time. Already late, the last band too, started a bit earlier. Headliner was Doomas from Slovakia. With such a name it is not that difficult to predict which segment you can expect the music to be. Their own description of the music, Melodic Dark Doom Metal fitted pretty well.

With the knowledge that organizing Weeping Silence is also is positioned in the world of the Melodic Dark Doom Metal, programming with a strong reference to that style should not be a surprise. The bands until now fitted well within that expectation frame. But there was still plenty variety to keep it interesting. Up to Day 2 at Aria Complex, a different location.

Set lists (thanks to Rainer Kerber – & Link to larger set of different photos in the name of the band.

Mur.Doc 104
Summoning The Opressor
Ignorant Masses
The Undying
Mur.Doc 104
Black Knight
Thrashing The Boat

Marche Funèbre
Intro (These Fevered Days)
Capital Of Rain
Death Wish Woman
Lullaby Of Insanity

Victims of Creation
Cenotaph (intro)
In Silentium
Judgement (Miserere)
Tree Of Iniquity
Those Left Behind
Pain (outro)

Seven Sins
Dark Side Of The Moon
La Muerte

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