Looking forward to Headbanger’s Balls Fest 2017

This year we are already at the 6th edition of this festival. It started as a small event in 2012, with 2 bands and  a DJ set. A good eighty people were the audience.  Meanwhile the festival has known a solid growth  and may welcome about 400 devoted metalheads and rockers. No doubt this event will get sold out this year. The better , mostly Belgian rock- and metal bands  have graced the cover . But with names as  Dyscordia and Thurisaz, who both played at earlier editions of the fest ,the progressieve- and atmospheric avant garde- metal are again well represented. Being the headliner, the Swedish Amaranthe will also attract a lot of crowd. During the last years the band has grown in their shows, and the melodic metal they play is a pleasure to hear.  Ofcourse Metal On Loud is looking forward to be there and cover the  happening.  Enough reasons to head down to Izegem we’d say.  You’ll have to be fast  to  get your tickets. They can be ordered here!

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