We never wanted to be full time musicians

Deserted Fear

This month we have a new apprentice writer: Rob Groenendijk! We asked him to interview the East-German Death Metal band Deserted Fear. Below you can find his first ever effort. He interviewed Fabian Hildebrandt, the band’s guitarist.

First can you introduce, your self and the band to the readers of MOL Magazine?

We started the band in Eisenberg DDR. That was in 2007. And it really began by listening to bands like In Flames. A lot of friends like the old school death metal.

We start rehearsing in the house of Simon Mengs parents. And start writing our first lyrics. And it really sounds like shit…hahaha.

What are the musical influences and inspiration for the band?

Well In Flames,Asphyx,Pestilence,Obituary,Dismember and many more.

In 2010 we released our first demo,only four songs.

Did you or your bandmembers played in other bands before?

Well Simon and I played some punkrock bands. Simon our drummer even played in a band with 3 girls. Can you imagine that…hahaha. Playing a sort of rockmusic. Later he played in some old DDR trash metal band before he joined us.

Are their any tourplans,or playing festivals this year?

Well we toured as headliner,mainly german festivals. Very cool was to open for bands as Morbid Angel and Morgoth. And playing festivals as Full Force and Summer Breeze.

Are you fulltime musicians?

No No we all have still ,normal,jobs. And very understanding bosses…hahaha. We never wanted to be full time musicians, cause of the pressure,to perform. We Love it the way we do it now.

Who actualiteit came up with the bandname?

Haha we really don’t know anymore, it was there and we liked it all,so.

What do you expect from your new record label,Century Media?

We hope to reach more people,and we work with a professional crew. More international interviews helpt a lot. And promotion for touring. The brandnew album is full of power and with the ability to improve every time.

How was it to work with Dan Swano?

Great producer,and the new album came out good. The new album is called Dead Shore Rising. In stores januari 27th 2017. The inspiration for that title came mostly because of the artwork

Thank you Fabian for the interview,and good luck for the future.


  • Demo with 4 songs. 2010

  • Kingdom Of Worms 2014 on FDA Rekotz

  • Dead Shore Rising 2017 on Century Media Records


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