We just call it good songs that make people happy

Static Fiction

I had the pleasure of interviewing Ryan Brown, bassist of Static Fiction.

Can you give us a brief history of the band including where you started and musical influences?

Paul and myself started playing together a little over 6 years ago.He started this project in 2013 with Ryan Greene producing our first and now our second EP.Paul is a huge Beach Boys fan and he wanted to create a pop punk group with those same harmonies they are known for. All the music on here is influenced by bands we listened to growing up.NOFX, Blink 182, Green Day, MxPx, etc. The list can go on but we can stop there.

I know you consider yourselves punk. There are a lot of people in the music industry who are proclaiming punk is dead. Does this concern you and also do you feel it’s a true statement?

I don’t think so.Ive toured all around the country and there’s still fans wanting to go out and support all kinds of either punk, pop punk, or anything of that nature. What it comes down to is great songs and stage performance. If you got both people will always come out and support you.

I’ve listened to your music and enjoyed it. I hear the Punk sound but also definite rock and pop influences. Was this deliberate, or just your overall sound?

Your guess is as good as mine. Our first EP “Introducing” we were all about keeping it pop punk. Our latest one, “All In” we went a little heavier with some songs, but at the same time we have a song with a ukulele in it as the main instrument. Call us what you will, we just call it good songs that make people happy.
Who is the principle song writer, or is it a collaborative effort? Also, can you tell us what inspires your lyrics?

Usually either Paul or myself work on the songs. We have an idea and we work on it till we feel that we can both be happy with it. Then we send it to our producer and makes it what it is today.

Are there any new projects in the works or any gigs you’d like to inform our readers about?

We plan on being in the studio recording new music. We hope to have a full length LP by fall and of course there will be plenty of shows in between.

Is there anything else you would like known about the band or members or even side projects?

Currently I’m on tour filling in on bass for the greatest band from Greenland called The Maxies. Finishing up a 40 day tour with Suburban Legends and Reel Big Fish. I can’t wait to come home and lay down some music and lyrics  I wrote on the road with them.  

I’d like to  thank you Ryan for taking the time to answer my questions. Best of luck with the new LP.

Carole Bonner

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