Symphonic Power from Croatia


ANGELSEED is a Symphonic Power Metal act from Croatia!

In these days they are working on their 2nd album, and already released their debut self-titled EP, named “AngelSeed”.

We got word with the singer of the band, Ivana, and here is the results –

As a Croatian Symphonic Power Metal band, how you came up with this current? Why this genre?

First of all ANGELSEED is very hard to categorize within some specific metal genre. Most of people categorize us as symphonic metal pretty much because we have female lead singer and keyboards, but if you listen our music symphonic metal is really just a small part between variety of styles you can hear on album, from hard rock to thrash metal. It is hard to say why we sound like this in particular. Probably that is result of influences of many different music styles members of ANGELSEED are listening to – and we are not talking here only about metal, but the other music genres as well.

Let’s discuss your latest record, coming out next November. What can you tell us about it?

As our first album, you could say we worked on it a long time. It really was a process that survived lineup changes, genre changes, lyrics changes and many more. But we ended up being more than pleased with the result, despite the wait. We, as well as our fans, were very patient, but thankfully the wait is over, and we hope everybody will be pleased with the end result as we are. I mean, how can you not be when you have guests like Chris Amott & Mikkel Sandager Pedersen?

Please tell us about your band members.

This question is hard to answer unless every member of the band answer it for themselves. Long story short, we are bunch of very different characters but at the same time with pretty much the same view on music and band. More details you can find on our official web site. Just click on ‘band’ menu, then ‘profiles’ and that’s it.

Let’s discuss your debut release, the self-titled “ANGELSEED” What will we find in it?

We were going on tour in 2014, and since we didn’t have an album at that time, we decided to publish 3 songs from the upcoming album as EP, so we’d have some merchandise with us. But with album release next November you will able to find better mixed and mastered versions of the same songs.

You were introduced to the world in a support act of WITHIN TEMPTATION. What can tell us about that gig?

That gig was so unexpected. We were a new band, and Within Temptation was looking for a local support, and of course we applied by sending our demos and not expecting anything… Because we haven’t even performed anywhere yet. I guess they liked what they heard, and chose us. They were even on our sound check cheering us on – Awesome band, awesome people, and for us, an awesome way to start as a band.

What are your plans for the future? Where are you planning to head with your music?

Well, there are lot of plans, but main plan is to go forward step by step. After album releasing and few months of promotion, next two steps are making one or two video clips and of course touring around, ‘cos that is the best way to familiarize people with our music.

As a female fronted Symphonic Power Metal act, you’ve put quite a fight to the big names in the genre, like EPICA, NIGHTWISH and etc. You do it pretty well. What is your inspiration?

We are similar genre only when it comes to the fact that we too have a female lead vocal in a metal band. All of us, the band members, take influences where we can find them, whether it’s the music, any kind of music as we all listen to different types of music, not just metal, but also books, TV, or anything else as well. We all come from different backgrounds, so we all have something to contribute, which then ends up as one of ANGELSEED’s songs. And we really don’t have any intention to ‘fight’ with ‘old names’ within the genre, ‘cos we are what we are and we are not clone of any of those bands, so if someone like our music it will be because of us and not because just genre we are part of.

Please recommend your favorite music to the readers.

Haha, we don’t have enough space here for that if I name every good band or album. Only recommendation to your readers is that you must be open minded and give a chance to everything, because good song is a good song no matter which music style it is coming from.

Any last words for the fans?

We really hope that you will love our music and come to see our shows ‘cos next year we will probably be on tour very often.

Zohar Belkin

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