Planet Earth, blue planet of blood and sorrow


Extreme Metal acts are hardly news on the Metal scene, but not all of them are so successful as this German Metal; I am honoured to talk with HoaxBane musicians ‘Misanthrop’ and ‘Tantrum-Mezcalar’!

Hello gentlemen! Pleasure to have you with Metal On Loud Magazine! Your band was formed in 2013, and very soon after that you signed a deal with the record label”Mighty Music” who released your debut album at the end of 2015. Congratulations with your success! What was the main factor in such speedy and successful start?
First off, thank you very much! But several decades of experience and preparations made it possible.

Tell us more about yourselves. Was there life before HoaxBane? What was your experience in Metal?
To be honest, there was too much going on to be listed here in detail, but Metal and hard sounds in all its facets has always been a major support in our lives.

What philosophy stands behind the band? What message do you want to deliver to listeners of your music?
Just look at the lyrics of our title track, “Messengers Of Change”. It says: “If you want safety and a life to enjoy, stay away from planet earth, blue planet of blood and sorrow.” That sums it all up in a nutshell.

Your debut album “Messengers of Change” was released three months ago. How do you feel it turned out? Are you satisfied, disappointed, or perhaps wish to change something in your sound/thematics in the future?
For this type of music we achieved much in a short time, but we are impatient characters and never truly satisfied with anything. We have plans and ambitions to break out of bonds and are always doing something unique. There are no details yet, but be surprised and check our webpages often.

Who among you are responsible for songwriting? How is the process of a song creation built in your band?
Since we are a duo, everything that has to be done is shared between us and optimized until it fits perfectly into our visions.

What is behind your scenic image? You use paint and accessories—nothing unusual in Extreme Metal—but who created your costumes and makeup?
We underline our need to express art in an honest way without staying too far away from our influences. It also puts your mind into a phase of unleashing inner demons when entering the stage.

What do you expect from your fans? What kind of support?
A support like getting shared and shown around by people, towards people who have been touched by our music. We are always interested in playing live shows, so tell your local promoter about us and get in touch with us by the use of social media and the likes.

What challenges do you come across in spreading your work to a wide audience?
There are far too many bands out there, and there are no platforms besides spending money to get the peoples attention.

You have just returned from London. Can you tell us more about the event you participated at? What are your the most positive memories about it?
Our labelmates Stahlsarg made it possible for us to play there. There was perfect stage sound and atmosphere as a result of a well planned event.

You both are ambitious musicians with brave dreams. Can you share with Metal On Loud Magazine the biggest dream of yours?
Playing along with bands who left a major impact in our souls with their music. Growing and expanding our skills beyond known borders and deliver energy in an authentic way.

Thank you so much for your honest replies! Metal On Loud Magazine team wishes you to have big dreams and plans and absolute implementation of all of them! Always your fans! METAL ON LOUD! m/

Tania Legrand

Tania Legrand is a co-founder of Metal On Loud! This Russia-born metal lover currently operates from France. She manages the Facebook community and does interviews.

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