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We had the privilege to interview the most beautiful Melissa Jane of the melodic metal band SYNN. They are based out of Los Angeles, California, USA. Synn have already come up with couple of amazing songs, which you can check out on their website, and they have some pretty good news for 2016. Enjoy reading the interview that we had with Melissa and get to know more about the band and support them.

Melissa, would you please Introduce Synn to the readers of the magazine?

SYNN is a five piece original hard rock / melodic metal band based out of Los Angeles, California.  Our songs are about lovely themes like thirsting for blood, taking your last breath before you die, burning anger, crazy love and all the other good stuff. We are a fun, energetic music loving group!

How long have you been with Synn, and how did you get together?

The band was created in August of 2006.  The current lineup has been together since June 2010. A dynamic group of seasoned, dedicated musicians and performers, SYNN continues to wow audiences with their intricate, experimental, heavy yet melodic fusion of music. Band members include Melissa Jane on vocals, Mike Status on bass, Albert Ortega and Angel Nevarez on guitars and John Chominsky on drums.

Do you have any plans of making a full length album? If so how soon it is going to be?

We plan to release an album in June/July that will have six SYNN original songs and one cover song which is a metal version of Rhianna’s S&M and we have a video of that out. Prior to the release of the CD in June we will promote the band with a music video for our song Burning Flames and this video features 6 of my lovely snakes. The video will be released in April and will be available to view at our website:

How often do you tour? Have you ever thought of touring outside the U.S.?

We are just starting to plan touring end of this year now that we are releasing our album. In the past we have performed mostly in LA and at metal music festivals. The band is definitely a big stage bag with a big sound.  Our goal is to be the direct support band for a tour with a band like In This Moment, or Korn would be some good bands to pair with, and we would definitely love to tour the U.S. and outside the U.S. 

Are you part of any other projects other than Synn?

I am currently in three bands. All of the bands have been doing great. SYNN have a new .com site that is, and Final Gravity is my progressive rock band that will be relaunching a new and improved site with their upcoming album release early 2017. Both bands took a break from performing to focus on finalizing their albums which we are super proud of. We have started doing shows again that are hosted by Metal Sanaz who is an awesome supporter of the music and we have a huge schedule for performances and tours coming up end of 2016 for SYNN, and tour will be early 2017 for Final Gravity to promote each bands album release. Lady Zep is my third project, which is an all-female Led Zeppelin tribute band, and have been performing consistently. Shows with that band are getting bigger and better and starting to hit the casino scene and community summer concert series.  You can follow that band at, or you can get information on all three bands at my personal site,

What are your plans for Synn in 2016?

Release the new “Burning Flames” video clip, release our debut album and then start touring and promoting our album. The album will also be radio released and on Pandora, iTunes etc.

Would you like to give a message to the readers?

Being a performer is my number one passion and I do believe it is a natural talent I must nurture and enjoy! I absolutely have made singing and music my number one focus and will definitely continue to do so.

Really looking forward to sharing my song writing in recorded form this year.  The songs from the two albums will be the closest to my heart and I have spent on some songs up to 16 years perfecting them. I have had some hard times on my journey and the albums will be the story of my life and it is quite a story.

Please follow and support me.  Tell people about my great work and help me to share my musical passion with the world.

Keith Clement

This author is no longer associated with Metal On Loud Magazine.

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