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The Saw

“The Saw” is a hard rock band formed in Bournemouth on the south coast of England. The band is more of 70’s rock influence and they are here to prove that 70’s rock was awesome back in the days and it is still alive. They released “Burning Bridges” in 2015 an album with amazing riffs with both mellow and heavy with melodic tones and cool vocals. Reg Delmontie from “The Saw” spends some time with us for an Interview even during his busy schedule.

Reg, Would you please Introduce “The Saw” to the readers?

“The Saw” is a rock band and we are based around Bournemouth on the South Coast of England.   Our music largely demonstrates our West Coast ambient and 70’s Rock influences, with crossover on a couple of tracks off of our album “Burning Bridges” into reggae and country.  “Burning Bridges was released in March 2015 and has 12 self-penned tracks, over its 54 minutes these display the versatility and excellent musicianship of all the members of “The Saw”.

Can you tell us how successful was the album “Burning Bridges”, What was the fans reaction towards this album?   

The album was very successful in raising our profile both in our own country and around the world.  We have had some great album reviews and lots of excellent radio play across the globe which has enabled us to spread the word about our music.  We have been very active on social media and through this have had great feedback from fans of the band both old and new.  

Your music is highly influenced by 70’s Rock band, what made you guys do something from the past?   

The genre of music from that time is called “Classic Rock” for a reason.  So many of the all time greatest bands were around then producing their career best stuff and this has had a huge influence on so much of the music that has since followed.  As a band we’ve all felt this influence and have been inspired by these great artists.   So it was an easy step for us to then decide to produce our own retro 70’s style rock album.    

Are you currently touring in support of Burning Bridges?

No, all of the plans we had for gigs to support the album had to be cancelled when our drummer had an accident and injured his shoulder.  Happily, that situation has now been resolved.

Do you have any plans for 2016?

The upside of not being on the road is we have lots of new material that we have been working on.  The initial plan is for a 4 track EP to be released in the spring and this will be followed by a brand new album later in the year.     We are also looking to play some festivals this summer and although we have nothing firmly booked yet we are in discussion with a number of venues.   

How “The Saw” look in to the future? What are your Visions and goals for the band?

We are very content in our own skins at present and our short term aims for this year I shared earlier in this interview.  I must say it will be great to get out and start playing our songs live as I believe this will be a big boost to us in raising again our profile.     
The vision for the band is that we want to produce a body of work that others recognise for its quality and which we can all be very proud of.
Our goal is to keep on making our own original music and then for us to get it out there for as many people as possible to hear, using as many different outlets as is practical.

Would you like to give a message to the readers around the world?

Thanks for showing an interest in “The Saw” and please check out us and our music on …..

Keith Clement

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