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Irreversable Mechanism

Hello, And thank you for taking the time to participate in an interview with Metal On Loud Magazine. How are you today?
Hello, everything is ok. We are working on new album right now.
Please present yourself and your band members.
My name is Vladislav Nekrash (VN), i play guitar for the band and composing as well. My friend Yaroslav Korotkin (YK) who play bass guitar do vocals and co-composing too. Also Lyle Cooper (Abhornett, ex-The Faceless) help us to record drums on album.
Let’s discuss the band, Irreversible Mechanism , Where you got the idea to start it?
(VN): The band was formed in 2012, after a long time in other projects together with my bro Yaroslav Korotkin (vocals/bass) we’ve deicided to create our own band.  
(YK): We’ve cutting through a lot of struggles to finish an album, and we think it cost it all. We want to play interesting atmospheric music and trying to do it unique.  
(VN): We’ve composed and recorded all songs for Infinite Fields and start to work with Sami Raatikainen to find interesting sound.
(YK): Also, we’ve worked with top illustrator and painter Par Olofsson, and lord of the logoes Christophe Szpadjel. Layouts for an album were made by Evgenia Zaharenko and Anton Matyulkov.
Your most recent release is “Infinite Fields”  , what will we find inside of it?
(VN): We want to ignite in people inner feelings to feel dark and light, evil and kind atmosphere, which will hold you for a long time from first seconds to the last. You need to listen the album entirely.
(YK): If you can feel something profound after listening an album that is incredible.
What are your future plans? Where are you planning to head with your music?
(VN): Our plan: to find a drummer and play live shows, release an album on vinyl.  
(YK): Find money to fund our next album (artwork, sound, and etc).
You guys play Neoclassical/ Progressive Technical Death Metal. How you guys came up with that genre?
(VN): We are big fans of neoclassical and atmospheric music.
(YK): We’ve listened to many music genres. For me: sincere music at first place.
What are your plans for the new year? What will we hear from Irreversible Mechanism?
(VN): You’ll hear something fresh and new on our next long play, which we’re composing right now, that will be conceptual album with new sound. We don’t want to create the same albums one by one, this is not cool.  
(YK): I think you’ll here something different than Infinite Fields but very attractive at the same time.
Please recommend some music for the readers.
(VN): My music recommendations: Cattle Decapitation – Manufactured Extinct, Rivers Of Nihil – Monarchy, Trivium – Silence In The Snow, Steven Wilson – Hand. Cannot. Erase, Silence Lies Fear – Future-The Return.  
(YK): My recent play list: HEAT – Address The Nation, Fallujah – The Flesh Prevails, Pink Floyd – Division Bell, Kingdom Come – Twilight Cruiser.
Anything you might want to add up , some last words for the fans?
Fans, without you any band can not exist. We want to say thank you for support.  
Thank you for your time, and best wishers for you!
Thank you for interview and respect to METAL ON LOUD.


Zohar Belkin

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