We Russians are hard working and pretty smart.


Anton “Tony” Rosa – Vocals
Dmitry “Casper” Rishko – Violin, Acoustic Guitar, Backing Vocals
Denis “Daniel” Sukharev – Guitars
Denis Devichensky – Bass
Pavel Mosin – Drums and Percussions

Origin: Russia

2006 – Divine Revolution
2008 – Judgment of Tormented Souls
2014 – Theophania

I have been DOMINIA fan since 2009, when for the first time I heard their album Judgment Of Tormented Souls. It was a pleasant shock for me when Anton Rosa, the founder, composer, guitarist and vocalist of DOMINIA accepted my invitation to join METALHEADS FOREVER community and the band agreed to participate as a star band in On Stage In MHF: Share And Win contest. DOMINIA ” love infection” started to spread very fast, and I know that many of my friends have become their big fans.

We asked Anton for the interview for Metal On Loud Magazine. And he said yes…!

Tania: Hello Anton! Thank you for your time! How are things in DOMINIA kingdom?

Hi Zohar, Tania. As usual – a lot of work: live shows (you and Metal On Loud Magazine readers are welcome to attend any of our gigs and see that we can ignite the public, hehe), a new album is to see the outer world finally!

Zohar: As a band that started in 1999, As Gothic Metal, you changed your style into Melodic Death Metal. What made you do this change?

If we dig our history, we also were playing in the black metal genre. Initially the band was named Tentamentum. We changed our style and name. Started to play Gothic Metal. Till now you can hear both Black and Gothic Metal influences in our songs. As well as we are inclined to Prog and Doom/Death Metal. We don’t consider ourselves a Melodeath Metal band. But listeners and critics know better, so I won’t argue. But, if you have noticed, we are not stuck in one style and simply do what we want to do.

Zohar: You are among the older names of the Russian Metal Scene. What can you tell us about the change from the 90s to today?

There are a lot of changes. Before there were very little opportunity, and very few bands were in a Metal genre. Nowadays, especially before this world crisis, there appeared a lot of opportunities, and those who were not lazy started to play Metal. Among hue quantity of Metal bands there appeared many interesting teams. Some of them gained popularity not only on Russian Metal scene, but in the world. We, Russians, are hardworking and pretty smart, in spite of criticism, and we learn fast if we don’t know something, also we are fond of self development. So, Metal scene is developing in a positive way and quite fast.

Zohar: You inject into your music unlikely instruments in Metal music, like violin and piano. It gives the music a darker, Gothic element. Where did you get that idea?

Can’t agree with your words, Zohar…A violin and piano were always a part of Metal music, especially if you use and present them correctly. But I understand what you mean. I am a huge fan of My Dying Bride. I have been in love with their music from my childhood, and I always wanted to see a violin in my band. I was lucky to meet Casper, he has become my “magic” brother and one of DOMINIA leaders. I consider him one of the best violinists in the world, of course, in Metal. Let the violinist of Ne
Obliviscaris be not offended, they are awesome, but I prefer my brother without a single doubt. To sum it up: the idea was mine, but Casper is a perfect implementer.

Zohar: Please tell us about the band members.

I told you about Casper a little bit, just i am to add one detail: he plays, besides violin, 28, if I’m not mistaken, musical instruments. Denis Sukharev, our guitarist, has been in the band since foundation, writes lyrics, he participates in music composing process quite rarely, but plays our music with all his heart and soul. We appreciate and love him very much. Our drummer Pavel Mosin… Our younger brother. As for productivity and serious approach to music, he can teach us…He is like a drum machine plays smoothly and accurately, but unlike a computer he does it powerfully and energetically, giving music necessary groove. I think that he is one of the best drummers in the country. Even don’t doubt. Our bassist Denis Devichensky is not just a bass player, he is also a producer. Currently all our records are produced only with him. Denis is a very experienced specialist and musician. He is one of the first wave of Saint Petersburg Metal musicians, his band Azeroth was on a leading position among Metal bands in the city in 90-ies. Also we have a new team member: our second guitarist Anton Ryzhev, our photographer and cameraman whom we have been collaborating long time… Soon he is to join us as the second lead guitar.

Zohar: You are signed at FONO LTD., alongside many bands like AMON AMARTH and ARCH ENEMY. Let’s talk about the albums you’ve released. What’s behind them?

We don’t think about the past and the future, we live present. Soon we are planning release ” Stabat Mater”, and we are totally focused on making it more interesting and attractive for listeners….As for the albums already released…Give a listen! What to speak about them? We did our best :). Many people like and will like them, I am sure.

Zohar: What are you going to do in the future? Where are you going to head with your music?

Future, future… It gives me headache. I am tired of it, frankly speaking. I don’t think about future. I live today. As I have mentioned, we work with the new album, and it will define our future. We are to find distributors abroad, a label which would be dealing with our product in Europe and other countries. Right now we have only FONO which is working only in Russia and our closest neighbours.
We feel that we are ready to perform at big international festivals. Time to show what music Russian guys from DOMINIA are able to play…

Tania: I know that, unfortunately, music is not the money earning job for you, guys. And what if you don’t find a label right now to deal with “Stabat Mater” album release outside Russia? Though I wish you all the best and, as your huge fan, hope for fast solution.

We always think positive. We even discuss launching a crowdfunding campaign, knowing that financially the whole industry has difficulties due to the world financial crisis. So, let’s have fingers crossed!

Tania: I am the first who keeps fingers crossed for DOMINIA… Before the album release, you released two fantastic singles, the songs – a part of the album. Tell our readers about the story behind “The Boy And The Priest”.

Lyrics of this song were written long time ago by my brother Oleg. I don’t remember what had an impact on him to write it, maybe, some fiction story…It was approximately in 2005. Me and Casper composed music. Yes, it was like that. We wrote the song approximately at the same time as our ” hit” “Mountains Of God Depression”, a bit later, maybe…We were not planning to use this track in DOMINIA repertoire. We could not perform it technically, and initially it sounded differently – more dramatic. Actually it was a part of another project, we wrote five songs for it, all songs were about ten min long…some of them we play now in DOMINIA, but in a reduced variant.
We took this song from a table figuratively, rearranged it and issued as a single. It will be included into the forthcoming album too.


Tania: “Poison” is the second single release, also a part of “Stabat Mater”…Music and the words are so beautiful, this song is on my replay…Why was this song chosen as a single?

It is one of my early songs too. Once, in 2003, we were having fun with Casper in one of SPb studios, Signal, if I remember correctly. I took a guitar and made these two accords and lyrics about heavy drugs…Casper liked the theme, we immediately composed a chorus and recorded a demo. Only now we gave the second birth to this song, it was Casper’s wish. And in 2105 we re-recorded the song. With another lyrics, with another concept. Denis Sukharev (aka Daniel-Klim), our guitarist, who is the band member since the very beginning, and the author of lyrics of our favourite ” Cellar Door” song, wrote absolutely new words. Music has passed some changes too, become more mature, elaborated…This song is a part of our history and the story,that’s why we have chosen it as a single.


Tania: Will any other songs from “Stabat Mater” be released as singles?

Haha, be patient… Let’s wait for the album…

Zohar: Anton, as a Metal musician, what new Metal releases would you  recommend for the viewers?

Hmm…the latest Fear Factory album is great. What else from Metal? We don’t discuss Iron Maiden album – who hasn’t heard it yet is a loser. The latest My Dying Bride album made me happy, but here I’m talking like a die hard fan…

Zohar, Tania: Thank you, Anton, for an interesting talk. Any last words for the fans?

I wish you all love, fairness, faithfulness, knowledge and patience…

Tania Legrand

Tania Legrand is a co-founder of Metal On Loud! This Russia-born metal lover currently operates from France. She manages the Facebook community and does interviews.

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