We needed to do something different. It was just time.

Suicide Silence

Even thouigh Suicide Silcene is quite busy right now, and for some reason their schedule did not seem to match ours for a phone interview, they still found time to answer some questions for us through the mail. Thank you Mark Heylmun for your great answers!

How are things in the world of Suicide Silence going today?

Things are good. We’re out on tour playing some really sick shows in the U.K. We go home soon for a bit and back at it for US festivals and euro festivals. It’s nice to be playing new stuff and seeing the fans stick with is in this wild time.

So, isn’t Suicide Silence the flagman of deathcore anymore?

I guess it’s hard to say? I guess I feel like if we aren’t deathcore anymore it brings new life to the rest of the scene. There’s absolutely a lot of deathcore talk again.

What made you experiment with your sound and go to a different direction with your new self titled album?

We needed to do something different. It was just time, there’s not many times in life you are able to test yourself like this. We knew there would be backlash but we wanted to risk and get ppl talking. We didn’t wanna write a pop record we wanted to write something without boundaries. So we dove in and here we are.

Who inspired you in taking a new path?

Eachother. We have written a lot of music together and we always want to jam outside then normal SS stuff. So really that was the theme for this one, encourage eachother to be sick.

Any music influences and from whom?

All the same ones that we have always had we just tapped into em more. We tapped more into korn, Metallica, and incubus and less suffocation, cannibal, morbid angel.

How do you deal with negative feedback from critics and unhappy fans regarding the new album?

We have always been critiqued and scrutinized. This time we just expected it more. The memes and the overall response is insane. I just take it in stride, deathcore hasn’t had to deal with something like this ever before. Meaning a band challenging the listeners with a change of approach so my response is my performances on stage and giving the music the energy it deserves. A lot of people have openly admitted they didn’t like it and saw it live and it made sense.

Personally I respect all music experiments, I think that musicians have a right to try a new field…. Kreator’s Endorama is still among my favourites. What heavy music style would you like to try?

Drone doom type shit would be fun. But I’ve always wanted to do a straight death metal record.

What song from the new album, according to your opinion, may become a metal hit?

Well judging on how people are reacting from the record I think the whole record is gonna go down in some sort of metal history!! I laughed as I typed this answer…

Which one is your favourite and why?

Conformity. It is way out of our comfort zone and has a lot of aspects we like to go for in our heavier stuff but it’s more of a ballad. It’s just different and feels good to play.

Why have you decided to name the album after the name of the band?

Honestly it was a conscious decision years ago to make our 5th record self titled. Plus we feel that switching it up and showing a different side of us is what we want at this time. We don’t want ppl to be able to expect anything of us. We might write the heaviest record ever next record or we might do a pure ballad record.

As always, your lyrics is very vital, about everyday life and emotions…What is the main message you want to deliver with the album to your listeners?

Be yourself.

Imagine, you have to write a very short promo about your album…What three words would characterize it?

Pure, honest, and unforgiving.

Please, describe your ideal fan…

We have a diverse group of fans. My favorite fans are the ones who love the music not necessarily the people in the band. I don’t get me wrong it’s nice to have fans of me or of particular members but the ideal fan to me loves the music and comes to the shows for the same reason we do, to let out some emotions and have some fun.

Very soon you start a big tour in support of the album… Talking about your previous experience, where is the craziest metal crowd? Share your best memories with us!

Moscow. I dunno I’ve been asked that questions million times I’ve prolly said everywhere I’ve played. India was rad? I think the places that don’t necessarily get shows often are the craziest because they need it, they want, and the appreciate it.

Usually bands choose tour partners. What bands would you love to tour with in future?

Metallica? Haha I dunno I really like True Widow. I’d like to tour with Thy art is Murder because everyone thinks we’re not friends anymore. I’d like to tour with Aesop Rock or some cool hip hop groups or maybe some comedians, or if Mudvayne does a reunion?

What is your dream? What would you want to achieve in ten years? What would you want metalheads and their children saying about you in many years?

I’m 11 years into Suicide Silence and I still feel my dream is to continue to inspire people. I feel we have helped spawn a lot of new metal bands and I’d like to see us continue to inspire new musicians. I think I’d like metalheads and their children to say if it wasn’t for us there wouldn’t be: list the bands here…

What are your last words to the readers of Metal On Loud Magazine?

I love heavy music, I love music, I love supporters of music, I love life, I love you for reading this because you exemplify everything I just said that I love. I am also currently in Peru with James Lynch and Aesop Rock about to eat some food after hiking Machu Picchu. I encourage everyone to follow there hearts no matter what.

Thank you very much for the talk! You always have our respect and support! Always your fans! METAL ON LOUD! m/

Bad the fuck ass!! Thanks guys!


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