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Heavy, speedy, melodic – real and special Brazilian thrash! This is how we can describe Machinage’s music! I am lucky to have a chat with the founder, songwriter, guitarist and vocalist of Machinage Fabio Delibo.

Hi Fabio! Thank you that you agreed to have the interview with Metal On Loud Magazine! I have heard a fantastic news – the band inked the deal with Brazilian Voice Music. Congratulations! So tell us…when…when will we get Slave Nation album? What should we expect in this album? Any secrets, surprises?

Hi, at first I wanna say it’s a pleasure to have this opportunity to talk to you, we do appreciate the chance to spread th word. We are very glad to get signed by Voice Music, it’s a very good label we have here in Brazil and I believe things now are gonna get better and better, the álbum is already online at Itunes and other plataforms and here in Brazil it will be released on April 22nd as a physical one. You can expect a very dynamic álbum, fast, aggressive and melodic at the same time, I believe it’s a very good álbum, I hope everybody loves it.
We don’t actually have secrets, ahahhaha! There’s a song with a new version where we had a vocalist from a gfreat bands from the 80’s who sang some lines, but we can’t tell yet, but I think people will love it.

David Ellefson from Megadeth has mentioned Machinage among the most significant Brazilian metal bands. What do his words mean to you? Why have you got this honour to be mentioned by this outstanding musician?

Well, for me it’s something really crazy, everyone who knows me know how much I love Megadeth and when I saw that written was like a dream coming true, I have sometimes to open the link of his interview to read to check if it is really true, hahahahaha.
I believe he heard about us because his label EMP Label Group is selecting some bands for a project of theirs and they posted asking people to let them know what they think about Machinage and we had a very great feedback, so for this reason I believe he found out about us.

There are many thrash metal bands. What differs Machinage from others?

It’s a very difficult question for me, I can’t actually say what differs Machinage from the others, I believe every band has its characteristics and there are so meany good bands in the world, I can say we don’t think what songs to do in order to make people happy, we first do what makes us happy and I believe this is the key to have great tunes, when I listen what I wrote I wanna fell like when I listen to bands I have always loved, I wanna have the same sensation when I listened to them for the first time, and that’s how we do and it may explain a little about us, but I can’t really say what makes us different.

Tell us more about the band members: who are they, what do the band members appreciate each other for?

We have Adriano Bauer playing bass, Ricardo Mingote on drums Ricardo Macan on guitars and I sing and play guitar, I think before our music skills we appreciate the connection we have together, it’s something that works without setting rules, we don’t have to keep telling each other what to do, there a chemistry that we don’t know but works very well, we had some problems before in finding a guitar player who thought like we do and now for the last 4 years it’s no longer a problems.

Your debut album was released in 2011, soon we will receive your new album. What was the band busy with during these five years in between the albums?

A long actually, well our first plan was to have Slave Nation in 2013 but a lot of things happened and all plans changed, hahahah, we recorded Slave Nation in 2013 while we were on tour in the US, we had Curran Murphy producing the album and at first he was going to mix it too. After recording Curran was kind busy and took him a while for the mixing and that was known of us and around June of 2014 he gave us the mixing and as a Megadeth fan I decided to show Max Norman what he thought of that, the thing is that he didn’t know who I was and even Machinage. I had him at my Facebook and I took the chance to ask him and he did answer what he though, I remember to think that at first that was a fake profile because he really answered lol, well after lots of conversations he decided to mix and master it himself and I can tell that it was amazing, for this reason it took a while to get done. We had it ready around March and April of last years but we decided to start looking for a label to sign us because we believed we had a great album but getting signed is not a very easy thing and when we decided to release it by ourselves Voice Music came up and that’s the reason it took a little bit more, so now after all this time we are gonna have it released, hahahahahha.

Slave Nation will be released soon…what is the next step? Tours? New songs? Participation in festivals? Or?

Our plan is to promote it very well playing as much as we can, we are already setting some gigs here in Brazil and we will be playing in the US from August to September, we believe we are gonna have some other shows in South America. We are still looking for a label to release us in the US and Europe. We also intend to have a new album very soon, we already have lots of songs written, we actually just have to get into studio and have them recorded, we may record two new songs and release some live version, we intend to have DVD too of a great show we had here in Brazil. About playing at festivals we are always looking for these gigs, I hope we get some.

What makes you write songs? Where do you take the lyrics ideas from?

Basically I talk about world issues, political problems, wars, injustice, and of course there are some songs about personal stories that make sense to a lot of people. The ideas usually come from what we see on the news everyday, It’s not something I’d love to be talking about because they are not good news but it’s a way to show people how we feel and maybe try to change something worth words and music.

Brazilian metal scene is enormous, full of talented musicians. Can you give an advice to metalheads: what bands, besides Machinage, should they give a listen to and why?

Yes, Brazil has a lot of awesome bands, I totally recommend bands like Warsickness, Imminet Attack, Torrencial, Leatherfaces and Nervosa.

What Machinage members dream about?

I think we dream what every band does lol. We’d love to be recognized, be able to live of music 24/07, play at great festivals, travel all around the world showing our music.
There is a personality behind each band leader. Describe your personality in a few words !
I’m a very shy person lol, calm and very fair, I’m stubborn too, hahaha! I like saying what I think and I don’t like people who want to be my friend in other to get something from me. People say I look like angry but I’m not, lol.

What would you wish to the readers of Metal On Loud Magazine?

I wish they really keeping reading the magazine and supporting everyone who spends any second of their life in order to support metal, we know how difficult it is and we have to hail for those people, Metal On Loud Magazine is one of those, I hope they really like this interview and keep metal m/

Thank you very much for your time spent with us! Metal On Loud Magazine team wishes Machinage huge success and crowds of fans!

Fabio: Thank you again for this opportunity to show Machinage to new fans, I hope they enjoy it as much as I did.



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