Viking Metal was the perfect mix


Hello,thank you for taking the time to participate in an interview with metal On Loud Magazine,how are you today?

Great and we are very excited about the upcoming album.

Please present yourself and your band members.

Valfreya,Symphonic Viking Metal Band from Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Korrinn : Lead Singer
Graz’zt: Guitar and Back Vocals
Karhu: Guitar avec Back Vocals
Arbic: Bass
Donar : Drums

Let’s discuss the band and where did you get the idea to start it?

Korrinn:I’ve started the band back in February 2009 and I loved the Symphonic and epic music of Power Metal as the grim and aggressive music
of Black / Death Metal.I decided to created my own project and The Viking Metal was the perfect mix.Members were added to the band and they now
add their new  ideas to the creation of our music.

Your most recent release is “Acoustic Chronicles” what will we find inside of it?

We adapted several songs from “Path to Eternity” into an Acoustic album.The band have put aside their electric guitars and released a totally acoustic EP, entitled “Acoustic Chronicles“.The album was released on May 2013 and at a time when the band supported it with many acoustic live shows.

What are your future plans? Where are you planning to head with your music?

We will be in Studio next march to record our second full length metal album “Promised Land”.We are presently gathering the funds with an indiegogo campaign ( will be releasing the album next spring 2016. We are also working on a possible European tour for next summer.

Let’s discuss your upcoming album,coming to us in 2016 – “Promised Land”.What is the idea behind it? What are you planning for us?

We will be releasing the album next spring 2016 and “Promised land” tells the story of a conqueror and his warriors who came
from the North to leave a glorious legacy for his people and the memory that his name deserves and he will discover his Promised Land but will
also meet Odin’s divine wrath.

Please recommend some music for the readers.

I recommend to listen to our first full length album “Path to Eternity”. With ‘Path to Eternity’ you’ll get carried away to an era where
Myths and legends are an everyday reality.This 6 member Montreal band,lead by their charismatic and warrior-like front woman deliver a catchy
and aggressive epic album within the Viking/Folk Metal Genre.Their debut ‘Path to Eternity’ is an impressive piece of work on all levels;music,concept and artwork and is not only for the Folk Metal fan but also for those that need a good dose of Metal with their daily brutality.(Check out their website for some of their tracks:

Anything you might want to add up, some last words for the fans?

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Thank you for your time, and best wishers for you!

Thanks to you all for your support.

Zohar Belkin

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