Their attitude, their madness


Hi guys! Thanks for participating in this interview. Can you give our viewers your names and current roles in the band?

Samuel “Yuyin” Ruiz- lead vocals
Pedro Bernal e’s – guitars
Jorge “Joe Mendoza -Drums
Erik Castro – Bass guitar.

How and where did the band from?

Lima, Peru.All the members live in different parts of the Capitol between towns like Lima, Brenda and San Martin.

What are your inspirations and influences as a band?

We have influences in different genres such as death, black, melodic, thrash, metalcore and some hardcore.Killswitch Engage, Carcass, Trivium, Testament most of all Lamb of God and old school modern bands.

How did Ruin become the band name?

More than a name it became an attitude here to be evil, vile is same to be ruin. We also picked a name that would be spelled and sound right in English as in Spanish, so Ruin filled in the spot.

In comparison to your previous music, how is your current music different or similar?

We, like all bands went through a process of combining all our influences. At the beginning, Sam, our vocalist and founder started writing some songs which of course we’re expected to be changed later on.This difference can clearly be seen when you hear our songs “Still Breathing” and “Behind Blind Eyes”, then you can feel a slight change when hearing “Die Standing” then later on a greater change when you hear “All or No One” and our late 2015 single “The Perfect Crime”.These last two are songs that show you the change has been looking for.

How and why did you pick your genre?

Well, at the time Sam our main songwriter, and lead singer started the band with the mentality of just playing metal from his guts. All pieces came together when he would finish some songs and give them to the rest of the band and they would make their own changes turning the band’s genre into what it is now. This genre was given as we wrote song after song . It’s a matter of fact even we don’t know what genre Ruin is.We only know we play metal.

Finally, can you share any moments that inspired a song or the band itself?

Every concert we go to, all people that we play for inspire us. Their attitude, their madness, especially when they sing along to our songs. In all South America alone there are over one million bands, but only some get noticed. What always inspires us is th inspire others with our music and/or life experiences shared through our songs. You never know it might be happening to you too.

The band thanks you for the interest and opportunity for this interview. We hope more people bet on new bands, it’s only a click away.

I’d like to thank you guys for talking with Metal On Loud and wish you success in the future.

Carole Bonner

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