The writing process for the songs of Thurisaz takes a while


Good afternoon. My name is Rudi, and i’m doing this interview for Metal On Loud. Metal On Loud is an online Magazine. I know that you will perform at GMM this year, the second time for Thurisaz. Is it going to be something special?

Well we celebrate our 20th anniversary this year, and our first time at GMM is already 10 years ago. So we really have the intention to do something special. Actually it is going to be  like the accoustic set we did. We will be performing with life playing strings and make it sound metal. It’s going to be a heavy set.

So it is really going to be something special?

Yes, and the complete discography of 20 years Thurisaz will be included in the performance.

I’m being told their is a new album coming up too?

We are working on it. But we have to say that the writing process for the songs of Thurisaz takes a while. But we are working hard. Some songs are finished, ready to be recorded. But some songs are really at the beginning of their existance. So there’s really no telling when the new album will be ready.

If i see the discography of Thurisaz, there is a new album about every 3 years.  “The Pulse Of Mourning is already from beginning 2015,so………

Hahaha,It is meant to be able to tell beginning 2018 when it’s going to come out.

You have been on the schedule here before. You were one of the first bands playing the fest. Do you think the festival has grown, and how do you feel that.

It’s the third time we are performing here. We really have to say the organisation does their best to make us feel comfortable. If we compare with other festivals, this is really good. Not that other festivals are bad or so, but it’s different here. Maybe the fact that we are from this region, and know lots of people here, also makes a difference. You can also see it on the line up. If you see which bands they can get to play here!! Be honest, Amaranthe is a well known band. It was also a good decision to move to a different venue.

During those 20 years there must have been moments you’ll remember forever. Something funny or even embarrassing.

Our roadtrips always bring some funny moments. Performances abroad , are always special. I think India was the most rememberable moment of all. It was a real culture shock what we saw there. A beautiful country with beautiful people. Also a different life style. They absolutely don’t live in a hurry. For instance, our drummer had no cymbals. So we asked someone to help us. That someone just asked another someone who asked another someone, and after 3 hours, we finally had cymbals. Everything works ok, but you have to be very patient.

Are there bands with who you would really want to share a stage?

Oh yes, a lot!! All the big ones for instance!! But Opeth would be great. Or opening for Devin Townsend. That would be awesome.

What is it that triggers you in bands like that?

All of us are fan of Devin Townsend. Devin Garrett Townsend is a good musician and the songs he makes are just brilliant. The different voices, and if you listen to a song of his, after the 10th time you still discover things you didn’t hear before. He’s simply a genius.

In those 20 years you were on lots of different stages. Are there festivals you dream of performing at?

Again a lot!!! (LOL) No serieus, we play underground metal. And that world is so small that it is difficult to get to the bigger festivals. The fact that we are at GMM for the second time is already very nice. But for instance Wacken Open Air is almost impossible for us. It would only be possible if we were touring with another band. But if there is really one we have to choose….. We would like to perform at Metal Days in Tolmin, Slovenië. That would be very cool!!! Or 70000 tons of Metal, that would also be epic. Or another tour through America. We’ve already done that and it was a great experience. It would be very nice to do that again.

What is so different there. Are the venues larger? Are the crowds more huge?

It is kind of the same as here. We performed at some clubs. But most important is that we are on the move with the band. Even if we have to rent a van and drive 10 days for 2 gigs, we don’t care. As long as the band is together an having fun.We hope we will still get that chance.

That brings me back to the question about the funny or embarrassing moments you no doubt ran across during those 20 years.

Well there are many of those moments, but we won’t tell you (LOL). Without putting names, we’ll tell you one of the stories. We were travelling with a cultband. And it was their first tour ever. They were touring in Belgium and wanted to try the Belgian beers. But they didn’t have any clue about how strong the beer was. The result was that we had to keep the long hair of the drummer in our hands, while he was hanging over the closet to throw up!! If we would have a picture of that and put it online, i think there would be lots of reactions (LOL). Wait a minute, we have such a picture(LOL)

It seems my time is up here. It was a pleasure to talk to you guys. Thanks a lot.
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