The Northern Devil


We recently sat down with Jorn Nord from Nordjevel, to talk about the band and their new album.

Let’s talk about the name, NORDJEVEL. What does it stands for?

It means the northern devil. It’s a fusion of the words NORD and DJEVEL, which means NORTH and DEVIL. You can say our music and lyrics also fuses those two themes together in many ways.

Your music is very affected by True Scandinavian Black Metal. What can you tell us about that?

Now, I don’t know what is “True Scandinavian Black Metal” to you, but of course we have listened to the old Scandinavian bands a lot, since we are from here. Our music embodies the old spirit of Black Metal, but we still focus on creativity and innovation instead of rehashing the same old riffs and themes that has been used by way too many  for nearly three decades. It’s not only rock’n roll, you know.

From what we heard, you have an upcoming album. What can you tell us about it?

Yes, the process is just finished, and the release date should be clear by the time this interview is published. It’s a 9 track album (+ 1 bonus track) which was recorded this summer. It is a very intense and brutal album, but with a lot of dynamics and melody along the way. When the album is done, you almost get the same feeling as when you just finished a very captivating book. We are confident this is an extremely strong piece of work, and we are eager to see it unleashed on the world.

Although the band is new to the scene, the musicians, however, are not. Who are you?

Doedsadmiral has been in the scene since the 90’s, and I believe his first steps was in some local underground bands in his hometown. Now he plays in Svartelder as well as NORDJEVEL of course. Me, Nord have been active for a decade in the norwegian scene with Fatal Impact, but I am also working abroad with the Russian band Tvangeste. Widigs is active in several bands in Gothenburg, but is of course most famous as the drummer of Marduk. And Dzepticunt, from Ragnarok who recently joined us on bass. Even though we all have other projects, we all put maximum effort into NORDJEVEL.

What are your ideas for the future? where are you planning to go? What are you planning to do?

At the time we are starting the rehearsal process, as well as trying out different session members for live shows. We will of course go on tour with this album and play as much as we can before we begin recording the next album. We already have quite a bit of material ready.

What are your inspiration? Who is your muse?

Personally, my muse is the very landscape I live in. The vast natural areas, the isolation and solitude mixed with the harshness of the climate makes for a very special creative atmosphere. Dark spirits roam over the hills of eastern Norway.

Please recommend something for the viewers.

I recommend that people listen more closely to Maha Kali by Dissection. It got quite an unfair reception, although it’s one of their darkest works.

Any last words for the fans?

We are grateful for all the people who are following us already, even though we have only released one song so far. The Northern Devil will very soon unleash itself upon you all, and I hope you all are ready!

Thank you very much for participating and supporting us, and the worldwide Metal Scene!

Zohar Belkin

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