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OUSIODES Is a new name in the Neo-Classical Metal genre, but make no mistake – It’s one brave shredder named Ollie Bernshtein that brings you this wonderful band, I fetched a few words with him, and here is what he had to say.

Let’s talk about the man behind this project, Ollie Bernstein. Who are you?

I’m a 22 year old shred guitarist from New Jersey, currently studying at Berklee College of Music in Boston to acquire my degree in Music Education. I’m also a power metal enthusiast with a passion for reading.

You’ve created a Neoclassical Power Metal band. Why specifically this genre?

I absolutely love the over-the top guitar solos along with the seamless chord progressions. I remember when I first discovered the more neoclassical side of power metal listening to early Galneryus, I was completely blown away by how every note and harmony just sounded perfect. This led me to study the style very seriously and use the tools found therein to craft my own musical edifice.

You stated that you are very influenced by Japanese and Finlandish traditionals of Power Metal. What can tell us about that?

I’ve found that those two countries produce amazing amounts of great power metal. In Finnish groups, I tend to find fantastic melody lines and overall good songwriting, while in Japan they expand power metal to remarkable limits, frequently and flawlessly merging the genre with anything you can think of from jazz to flamenco to electronica. I attempt to draw from these aspects in my work.

Let’s discuss your debut EP, “The Grand Machine”. What’s stand behind it? What will we find inside it?

The Grand Machine is a collection of five power metal songs of mine that I’ve written over the course of my life. In power metal, the lyrics have to be epic, so I chose to try and invoke a quasi-spiritual/mystical aesthetic with the words of most of the tracks. In terms of the musicality, the tracks are a diverse eclectic mix with a wide variety of instruments all while still being firmly rooted in a melodic power metal feel filled out with fast and intense instrumental solos.

What is your intentions for the future? Are you going to record an album?

For now, I’m trying to get my music to people’s ears and search for collaboration opportunities. I have a couple collaboration releases coming up in the near future that will be announced later as well. I’m also open to being signed to a label and getting a band together to play live shows.

You’ve managed to create a unique Metal act in the Modern Metal age, a real throwback to the 80’s with the Neoclassical acts like YNGWIE MALMSTEEN. What can you tell us about it?

Anybody who studies shred guitar seriously will have a great deal to owe to the 80’s and the shred stylings that arose during that time with artists like Malmsteen, Vai and Gilbert. The recent developments in power metal for the last 25 years or so have delivered a fresh new platform for these techniques which I readily chose to embrace.

Please recommend your favorite music to the readers.

Some of my favorite bands that I highly recommend are Galneryus, Marchen Station, Sonata Arctica and LIGHTNING.

Any last words for the fans?

Although this is a very new project, the love that I’ve gotten from fans makes all the work I put in worthwhile. The greatest gift I can receive through these musical endeavors is for people to genuinely enjoy my music! I Love my fans!

Thank you for this interview!

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