That is music for soul, while thrash is music for body


Metal On Loud Magazine is always happy to greet young talents of the metal scene. This time I’m in a virtual discussion with the very promising and already very professional thrash metal band from Russia PokerFace!

Hi guys and lovely gal! Nice to see you with Metal On Loud Magazine again! We keep enjoying your album Divide And Rule, but, can you tell us if you are preparing new material, new surprises for us?

DedMoroz: Hi and thank you for that opportunity! We are always in work, ha-ha) Not only with the new material but with preparing new gigs in different towns. And now we are ready to announce our tour Step Into Inferno which will take place in five countries in May, from 13 to 29. First we will play in Belarus and Russia with Thy Disease and Sadist, then we will act with Sodom in Romania and at last we will join the band Tearless in Serbia and Croatia. And maybe we will perform some new tracks, so better be there, haha)

Let’s talk about your teachers in metal. Real and your music idols. Who are they? What are you grateful to them for?

Doctor: My idols are old-school thrashers. Sodom, Kreator, Sepultura. These guys knew how play aggressive, play fast and powerful. No f.king breakdowns, no baby crying in vocal, you know. In real life my teachers are ex-leader of Pokerface – Dietrich, and sound producer of Pokerface – Merab. They gave me a lot of advices how thrash and destroy!

Delirium: I began to scream after listening Arch Enemy. Also I like many vocalists such as Maria Brink (In This Moment), Anders Fridén (In Flames), Peter Tägtgren (Hypocrisy), Heidi Shepherd and Carla Harvey (Butcher Babies), Dariya Stavrovich (Slot) and more. Everyone of them influenced me. Now I learn new technique in Ember Blast Vocals (Alex Firebreath).

I read in one interview that you play metal, but if listen to heavy music, it’s something ambient, atmospheric, right? If not thrash metal, what music would you choose to play?

DedMoroz: Something speed and aggressive, but only with female vocal. Scream is not necessary.

Doctor: I prefer to play something simple. If not thrash I’d like to play reggae, doom metal, may be rap, why not. The main thing in music – do what you like, what you really want.

Whitevad: Melodic Death metal, definitely. I’m in love with melodies and synths, pads, pianos – all that fills heavy music with feelings, gives it beauty and makes it atmospheric. That is music for soul, while thrash is music for body, as I consider.

Delirium: I like other metal styles, core music and alternative. Sometimes I listen good pop music.

Tell us more about your latest experience of sharing a stage with metal giants. As far as I remember, it was Kreator. What memories did this experience leave for you?

Doctor: Oh, yes! Kreator are great! The first time I played with them – in Nizhniy Novgorod, I was a drummer in infamous groove band. And we were talking with Mille for a sometime, and I found Mille very friendly, nice and genial. Several years ago, we were support for Kreator, as POKERFACE, you know. And nothing’s changed! Mille, Sami, Jürgen were kindly, they gave us opportunity to play an extended setlist, were talking with us on backstage, gave us a bottle of vodka as present! Very very kindly. It was great!

Many famous bands use special images – mascots in their cover art, performances…have you thought about having PokerFace mascot? If yes, what image would it be?

Doctor: It’s Gleb. Don’t ask who is it and why *woooo mysterious*. Gleb is baphomet-like face from EP. I don’t have any idea who is it and why Gleb, really, but anyway – this face is our mascot Like Motorhead’s War Pig!

What would you want to achieve, let’s say, in ten years? What place would you want to gain on the metal scene?

DedMoroz: Ten years is a very big time. I don’t know what could happen in half of year! So it’s very hard to plan. But one thing I know for sure: we will do our best and never give up. We will make tours, play at fests and write new albums. I believe there are many people who like our music and even now we have some persons who help us a lot with promotions and booking.

Doctor: 10 years! Oh my god, let’s tell you about what I don’t want to see after 10 years. I don’t want to play only in Russia, only little pub for 10 visitors. I don’t want to play music with patriotic, government approved lyrics or something like that.

What metal festivals do you dream to play at?

DedMoroz: I guess, any metal band wants to play at Wacken open air or Hellfest. This is two of biggest open airs all over the world. So, we are not an exception. But we understand there is a long and heavy road to these fests. And in Russia we don’t have Wacken Metal Battle, so there is no possibility to try.

There are people behind each creation. Can you describe each of the band members as personalities in a short phrase?

Doctor: If it is possible, I’d like to connect all the members with some book:

Delirium (vocal) – “Alice in Wonderland” – young and naive
Maniac (guitar) – “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer” – young and tricky
Whitevad (guitar) – “Sherlock Holmes” – analyzer of everything!
DedMoroz (bass) – “Around the World in Eighty Days” – logist, driver, manager.
Doctor (drums) – “Idiot” – 8 (or Woe from Wit 8)

Do you have any slogan or mission statement in the band?

DedMoroz: We will do this …somehow!

Say something… nice and useful to Metal On Loud Magazine readers!

Doctor: Thank you, folks! It’s a second time we are on your pages. Thank you! I really want to wish you all – live in peace, live healthy with your friends and your family. We are living in not good times, but don’t be scared – listen to good music and do your own life better. Best wishes to you, friends!

Thank you, friends! Metal On Loud Magazine is watching you, lol, and always will be your big fan! Much success to PokerFace!

Tania Legrand

Tania Legrand is a co-founder of Metal On Loud! This Russia-born metal lover currently operates from France. She manages the Facebook community and does interviews.

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