surprisingly complex when you dig into it

Children Of Bodom

February 27th Children of Bodom played at the Comerica Theatre, Phoenix, AZ, USA. Metal On Loud Magazine was there and we had the chance to ask Henkka Seppälä a few questions before the show.

First of all thanks for taking the time to talk to us.

No problem thanks for having me

Where did the title of the new album come from?

That’s Alexi’s lyrical stuff. How he sees the world and how he tries to cope with it.

So what would you describe as the minimum ingredients for a children of bodom song?

There’s a lot of riffs, I don’t know how many. At least 6 maybe. There has to be a melody, at least 1. Then there’s a solo, usually a guitar but sometimes keyboard. And I think a good song has unison with keyboard and guitars.

Where did you guys get the idea to cover “Danger Zone”?

We’ve always tried to do some covers when we’re in the studio. And it’s hard to find good ones, songs that are actually good and songs that work when we play it. That’s a classic song and we just figured it was an interesting try. It sounds very simple, but surprisingly complex when you dig into it.

What is your favorite song on the new album?

I think it’s “My Bodom”.

Unlike a lot of bands, you guys managed to have very few line-up changes throughout your run. What do you attribute that to?

I think one thing it has to be is that we started so young, the hardest years were when we were teenagers. Touring a lot without income and stuff like that. And then when you pass a certain point the life gets a little easier and at that point we’re all through the hard times.

What do you guys expect from 2016?

We expect a lot from the Megadeth tour, we’ve already played some shows and it’s been great, you know, a lot of people. Lots of people at the shows. This is going on for another month and then we head to South America for two weeks and also Mexico. There’s also a lot of festivals in the summer which is cool. After that maybe back to the states, maybe Europe or Asia.

Do you want to say anything to the readers?

Thanks for having me and thanks for supporting metal.

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