Strange how things evolve


SARKOM is a Black Metal act from Norway. Homage to many of the greatest names in the genre, What is your opinion about the Norwegian Black Metal Scene?

Norway has always had a leading role when it comes to black metal, and they still have, I guess. The bands who started this “scene” are still releasing albums, so even though newer bands might be better or more creative, the “old ones” are still those who gain most attention. As for the non-musical side to the question, it sure is not what it used to be like. Black metal is no longer something unique or “dangerous”, but it’s seen upon as an accepted sub culture by the majority. Strange how things evolve…
Let’s talk about your latest release, “Doomsday Elite”. What can you tell us about it?
It should have been out a couple of years earlier, but it took a lot more time than predicted(as usual).As the songs are written individually by three-four persons, the album is pretty diverse, still all songs have the same sound, I think. It got great reviews overall, and it’s available on both CD, vinyl and tape.

What are your plans for the future? What are you planning to do, and where are you planning to head?
In March, we will do our first tour since 2010. This tour will be with Isvind and The Stone, and I think it’s 16-17 concerts across Europe. Germany, France, Poland, Holland, Serbia, Hungary ++. A 7″ titled “Seen through the eyes of a pedophile priest” will most likely be out in time for the tour too. This song will be on our upcoming album as well, but a different version are made exclusively for the 7″. And speaking of the album, this will probably be out after summer.
Black Metal is about Anti-Religion, hatred, and etc. You manage very well to deliver it in your music, with your genuine, raw sounding tracks. You basically are Black Metal. How you came up with being a Black Metal band? Why not another genre?
I was a huge fan of black metal, and that’s why I picked up the guitar in the first place – I wanted to make this kind of music too. With no musical experience what so ever, I made some riffs and melodies, and together with Renton, the other founding member of Sarkom, we wrote a 4 track demo.
What is your influece as musician?
Life and death. Love and hate.
Tell us the band members.
We have always had lots of line up changes, but both the bassplayer and drummer have been with us for some years now.
Sgt. V. – bass. Also plays in something called Magister Templi
Defest – drums. Also to be found behind the drumkit in Svarthaueg
Myself – vocals and songwriter. I also have a project called So Much For Nothing. So far only one album and a 7″ is released, but hopefully I will get my shit together and start recording the second album later this year.
Please recommend your favorite music to the readers.
I rarely listen to metal anymore, but I have some old favorites which I still find interesting; Satyricon, Urgehal and Shining. As for non-metal I can add that Guns n’ roses is my all time favorite band and 2015’s best album was credited Marilyn Manson, followed by A-Ha’s Cast in Steel.
Any last words for the fans?
Check us out on Facebook for the latest news etc. This year seems to be more busy than usual, with both touring, 7″ and album release. New merch will also be available. Thanks for the support!

Zohar Belkin

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