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Velvet Insane

Hey dear Jesper, how are you today? Thank you very much for the time to this interview for Metal On Loud, it’s big honour for us.

Hello, im fine, allways a pleasure.

For those who are unfamiliar with VELVET INSANE – how did the band first form and when? Please tell to our readers in which bands or projects have You played before You create VELVET INSANE?

Velvet insane was formed in the end of 2013, I had just faced a tragedy and had quited my band at that time, and I was really down at the bottom at so many ways, and then I met Jonas by accident and we started to play together, jam around at some of my riffs and then we noticed that we liked the same music, thought about the world in a similar way and we decided to form Velvet Insane. I have played in a local band called Pure Faith while Jonas has played in a lot of projects before, all from metal to covers.

You have released Your second EP „Break Out of Eden” in June 2015 . Did You put a lot of effort into it? What are some of the most memorable moments during the album making?
We always put all we can in every song and every single note at every album, we recorded some parts of the EP and then some in Stockholm, it was really cool. The most memorable moments I think was when we wrote those songs, when me and Jonas just sat at his small apartment all those cold days and heard the traffic go by outside the window, it was dark and we just sat down with 2 guitars and wrote the songs, discus life and just found those melodies out of that.

From where is name of band VELVET INSANE? Is it any history connected with it?

I came up with the name at a day at my job at a metal factory the summer of 2013, before me and Jonas even met, just thought about what I should do, how I can continue to dream and how can I keep on walking. I thought about this band that I have had in my head for a few months, I needed a name on it, and I just thought about some words that could fit a rock band and that are what I came up with.

I like very much song „Brekout Of Eden”. Can you tell something more about these song? From where is idea to wrote such lyrics and create catchy melodies?

Breakout Of Eden is about the bible in one way but also it means something bigger then that, its about breaking out of something you love to do something that’s more true to you, it can be about everything you want it to be about, it can be about a relations ship that’s some days are heaven and some days hell, finding your way in life and maybe don’t take the easiest way to get to your dreams.

What topics are the most important for you to describe in lyrics? Which are your inspires to writing the lyrics on album and create music to your album?

I think love is the most important subject, love between two human beings, love that you need to fight for and something you are prepared to die for. Too find influences to start writing a song It always starts with a feeling, and I find a riff or a chord progression that reflects that emotions.

Listening to this album, I hear influences in some of the songs of SCORPIONS, MOTLEY CRUE, CRAZY LIXX, LED ZEPPELIN and STEEL PANTHER.  Are you and guys from band fans of these bands?

Actually no, the only band that we listened to of those you said is Led Zeppelin, we are influenced by 70s early glam rock like Mott the Hopple, blues legends like Muddy waters and 60/70s rock n roll and soul music. I also love bands like INXS and Def Leppard. So a big no on that question.

What do you think about text “sex, drugs & rock ‘n’ roll”? Is it still alive or just old dying sentence?

Sex, Drugs and rock n roll aren’t anything more then a joke, I don’t drink or take drugs but still I play rock music in a band that tours around the world. Rock music is an art form not a reason to make a fool out of your self.

Jesper, Your playing on guitar is really amazing! How long You have learned that? Do You have Your idols which You following?

Thank you very much, im influenced by Jimmy Page, Jeff Buckley, Mick Ronson and Steve Clark. They have all that sloppy playing that I have, feeling and emotion wins over speed and tapping. It’s all about the emotion.

Will You record any track in the future in Swedish language especially for your Swedish fans?

Actually we have already done that, we realised a single in September with a Swedish and a English version of our song “Victory Train”. The Swedish version is an anthem for our hometowns hockey team ÖIK.

With what kind of music have You grew up? Jesper, do You always wanted to be guitarist? Have You played on any instrument? when You began to play on guitars? Did was Your dream to be famous Rockman?

Im raised on older music, true music, my brother got me in to rock n roll. He listened to bands like TheWho, Jethro tull, Led Zeppelin and Kiss. While my parent’s liked: Dr Hook, Janis Joplin and Swedish poets like Fred Åkerström. Then I started to find my own music in my early teens and started to listen to Def Leppard and then I fell in love with blues music.

What do you think about music scene in Sweden?

 The music scene here is really hard to put a finger on, it´s mostly metal music, and then there’s sleaze and Americana and some weird house/pop. Its all about the taste of what you like, but it haven’t got anything for me. ´

Which is Your the biggest dream personally and as a member of VELVET INSANE?

Personally to be happy, to get to live my dreams through this band and together with my mates Jonas, Niklas and Tobias. To travel around the world and play songs that we have written, to do our art for a living, to feel pride and happiness. Of course I want success, but it isn’t the most important thing, it doesn’t matter how successful you are because in the end of the day it’s all about the girl.

Does VELVET INSANE have any plans to write new music anytime soon?

We are actually doing that right now, writing some songs to a new release.

If you could put together a tour with any bands, what bands would you love to tour with?

I would say INXS but that would have to be like they where in 1987 when Michael Huchence was alive, I wish I had seen them, they where an amazing band and Michael are one of historys best frontmen and songwriters of all time in my book, a true genius.

Thanks for your time on taking this interview. I wish you all the best and hope to see you live on stage one day Do you have any special wish to send greetings to anyone or tell something?

Thank you very much for a really good interview, I want to thank everyone for your support and hope to see you soon out on tour.

Katarzyna Zakolska

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