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I had a chance recently to talk to Abby the frontman, and lead singer of the native to California band X-Method. As I had just recently discovered them myself, I wanted to discuss some of the standard things that everyone wants to know about any band they’re into. We’d been in contact before, but this was really the first time I’d gotten to talk to the man. So, after a brief what’s up, how’re things, nice to talk with you, etc. and a few minutes went by. We proceeded to get down to discussing the band. Abby’s a very cool guy which made this easy.

So, I know you guys grew up in the Bay Area right around the time Thrash Metal hit big time! Can you tell me a little about what that was like?

It was just the greatest experience ever. Growing up and seeing Slayer, Metallica, Mercyful Fate, etc. It was just really cool, and mind blowing really. We were like minded people, and the scene was full of comradery. Not nearly as divided as it is today. I grew up on rock from the age of 5 with bands like Kiss, Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith, Motorhead, Saxon, and Van Halen, so hearing that when it first hit was a whole new, and powerful
thing. And, then of course as time went on we discovered Death Metal. And, it had that growl. Which just made it brutal. All kinds of bands. But, here’s a few Possessed, Obituary, and Deicide amongst many. But, I also grew up on Punk. I discovered it because Jeff Hanneman and Dave Lombardo of Slayer used to always wear shirts with bands like Corrosion of Conformity, Discharge, MDC, Dead Kennedys, DRI, Circle Jerks, etc. So then I asked him what the one thing is that he took away with him from all of these music stlyles, and Thrash in particular, and his answer was simple. Attitude. The undeniable attitude of the music. That’s what we got from our roots.

Let’s discuss your local scene. What is best about it, and what is bad about it?

The good is we still have a scene. And, the bad is that its not as supportive as it once was back in the good ole’ Bay Area Thrash scene days. And, Long Live The Stone! We played our first, and some of our best shows there.

Can we get a little info from you about not only the band, that being you and the other members. But really what you’re all about. You play a mix of Punk, Death, and Thrash. So, in addition what can you tell us about your genre?

As far as our genre goes: If i had to put us in a genre it would be Metal. Just because there are way too many sub-genres now, and its getting too complicated. So, we call ourselves a metal band.

There’s me Abby. I’m the singer of X-Method. I’ve been in the music scene for a long time, and I grew up in the Bay Area Metal Scene. I write from life’s experiences so lyrics are important to me. Take a song like Fuck Sobriety which by the way, is a true story.

Tony the lead guitarist as well has been in the scene for a long time working hard and making kick ass riffs.
Larry the bass player is a well established bass player that has been in the music scene for a long time. He has worked with some very important people that I wont name because we try as hard as possible not to name drop and live off our own accomplishments.
Collin the drummer is only 16 years old and has been a musician since he was 10, the guy also sings, plays guitar, bass,piano and basically is a 1 man band.
Markus is the rhythm guitarist. And, if I’m not mistaken he has been playing for a good 10 years as well. He brings a different style and sound to the band which compliments our hardcore, and melodic edge. Some of which you will soon hear on songs like Follow The Buzzards and Bitter Pain.

Speaking of the new album, what can you tell me about what’s in store for fans?

It’s called “Sex, Alcohol, Rebel Music”. The cd title is self explanatory, you will find that it’s very open and brutal. So sensitive people beware! Because, you will find some Kick Ass Metal to crank up in your car, and party to at your house. We touch serious topics as well as fun party stuff. It all depends on the mood I’m in. As I said, It’s very diverse.

We’ve been talking over numerous other subjects. And so, Let’s do the whole “if I have to pick 5 Metal albums as my top 5, what would they be thing.”

Man that’s tough. Five, and only five? Well I’d go with Infernal Overkill by Destruction, Extreme Aggression by Kreator, Hell Awaits by Slayer, Iron Maiden by Iron Maiden, and Arise by Sepultura.

Also, what would be some new bands, besides your own, that you’d like more people to check out?

I like Thought Vomit (Santa Rosa, U.S.A.), Ruin (Peru), Templo Del Averno (Peru), Obtundation (Peru), Vulture (Peru), Sanity’s Rage (Belgium), Kraptor (Venezuela), Autopse (Brazil), and Toxic Holocaust (Oregon, U.S.A.).

You’ve done a ton of Metal shows I’d imagine. If you have one? What is your most memorable moment?

Thats an easy one, Nuclear Bar in Lima Peru. It was our most exciting show to date. We were the main attraction and everyone came out to thrash and party with us,the people of Peru supported us 100% .We played with some kick ass bands,Ruin Templo Del Averno and Obtundation! We had a cd listening party there on December 12.

So is there a meaning behind the name X Method, and who chose the name of the band?

The current version of the band was formed in 1999. I came up with the name. And,
X Method refers to being ex members of other bands.

What’s next for X-Method?

We Have a few things lined up already. That we’re real excited about as it’s been a dream since the early 90’s to play Peru, Europe, and Asia. We’ll get to them all at some point. But, here’s our upcoming shows:

March 19th @ The Other Place in Modesto Ca. (Charity Event)
April 1st @Gordons Music in Fairfield Ca.
April 2nd Eureka Ca.
April 5th @club 66 in Ashland Or.
April 7th @The Boreal in Eugene Or.
APRIL 26 @Club X in Boise. ID (supporting act for D.R.I)
APRIL 27 @Shredder in Salt Lake City. UT (supporting act for D.R.I)
May 28th @Middletown Metalfest VI in Middletown Ca. (We are the headliners)
June 18th @Bogothrash Festival in Bogota Colombia
June 24 Brazil
June 25 Brazil
July 1st Argentina
July 2nd Argentina
July 9 Nuclear Bar in Lima Peru
July 16th in Peru
September 24/25 Mongolia

I’d like to thank you for taking the time to talk with me, and to have you in Metal On Loud Magazine. Hard to believe it’s been 2 hours already. It’s been fun. Just one more quick question. What is it that you’d like to say to your fans, and to our readers?

First off, I’d like to thank you for your support. And, please check out all of our pages, give us a like on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, check out our website, share our official video Suicide Girl/Cutter and share our music with your friends. We hope to see and play for all of you soon.

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