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Gasoline Guns

From a troubled Ukraine comes Gasoline Guns, a band that plays dirty heavy rock n’ roll for all the right reasons. I hooked up with vocalist Dmytro «Talladega» to find out more.

How did you guys meet, and what’s the story of the band coming together?

I had an idea to make a band that would play unpretentious lively music with Motorhead’s vibe. In 2013 I offered Andrew to join as a bassist. He composed one song, we recorded it with a session musicians. The drummer Volodymyr “Ryzhiy” who helped us with recording is also our old comrade. After that recording he decided to join our band. We started to search for a guitarist. It was not easy to find someone who wanted to play such music. Nowadays people want to play another genres and styles of music. But finally we find a guitarist. It was Vitaliy “Saburik”. He composed some tracks for Gasoline Guns, but later he left the band because he had no time for rehearsals. After his leaving another guitarist joined us – Volodymyr Zwol. So that is how Gasoline Guns gathered.

You play rock n’ roll driven metal, why this style? what are your influences?

Our influences are Motorhead, Chrome Division, Helltrain, Malignant Tumour, etc.  When I invented this band I wanted to play simple music that would rock. It had to be like a soundtrack to a carousal, it had to sound like an engine roar. Our influences also are booze, roads, transportation, devilry and metal music )))

Tell us about the creative process. …how does Gasoline Guns make music?

Our guitarist composes the structure of the song and next we try to play it at a rehearsal. If we like it we improve it and start to play it. We can change something in a track even after many rehearsals. Or even throw the song away.

You just finished recording your debut album Rust’n’Dust. When is it released?

We got an agreement with Colombian label Iron Goat Commando that our album “Rust’n’Dust” will be unleashed on CD in February/March 2016. Hope it will be released within this term. In spite of now being a time of digital releases we prefer hard releases such as CD, vinyl or tape.

Explain the recording for us, how do you guys work in the studio?

We recorded everything in a local studio Hi Gain Records. We recorded drums first. Then guitar and bass. And after all a vocal was recorded.

Gasoline Guns is collaborating with Iron Goat Commando on this release. ..what can you tell us about this?

When we recorded our album I started to search for a label. But the problem is that most of labels have a complete schedule for a year ahead. And the labels who were ready to release our album wanted money from us for promotion and marketing. But as you know now there is a war in Ukraine because of hidden invasion of Russia. Our local currency is devalued very much because of this war. So we cannot effort to pay for labels. And also music is not our main source of income. All of us have a job so we cannot spend weeks and months in tours playing gigs. That’s why we think it useless to spend thousands of dollars for promotion and marketing now. We wanted to find an underground label. Aleksandr Maksymov, the owner of Antichrist Magazine and Grand Sound Promotion offered to help us with a label search. He got some positive replies form labels and we chose Iron Goat Commando because it offered the fastest term of CD release. I want to thank Aleksandr for his help!

There’s also plans of making a video?

Yes! We started to work upon a DIY video for the track called Panzer Rock’n’Roll. In autumn we made shooting at a small abandoned airport. After shooting of our video operator was busy so the video is not ready yet. Hope soon it will be cut and we present it at our official Youtube channel.  

Do you have a lot of live experience? how do you guys feel about playing live?

We started to play live since 2014. I cannot say we played too many gigs, maybe 8. But we decided to be selective. We like play live if the audience is ready to rock!

Playing in a band takes a lot of time, effort and money. what is it like doing this in Ukraine?

Actually it’s not easy in Ukraine, especially now. There are not enough venues for metal music, fans have not enough money to visit gigs. But anyway we like what we do. And I am sure that in future situation will be better!

Where do you see Gasoline Guns in 5 years?

Gasoline Guns will be one of the best metal’n’roll band from Ukraine! 😉

Any last words for the Metal On Loud readers?

Thank you for your interest! Keep on rocking! And also I want to thank Metal On Loud for this interview. This is the first interview of Gasoline Guns, hope in future we can tell more. Horns up!

Horns up and thank you Dmitry for your time.

Gasoline Guns’ debut album Rust’n’Dust will be out February/March 2016.

Kjetil Gudmundsen

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