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Distant Past

It’s a pleasure to have an interview with the Swiss melodic heavy metal band DISTANT PAST. Bassist Adriano Troiano took some time to answer our questions. Please note that their new album is scheduled to be released on 8th of April.

Rise of the Fallen is your fifth official studio album and it is expected to be released on April 8. How do you guys feel about this new album?

We are very excited that it is finally coming out. It’s been ready since June of last year, but some Artwork and Design issues delayed the Release. We feel confident that it’s going to be well received; we feel the songs are very commercial and both singers do a fantastic job.

Is Rise of the Fallen a concept album?

Yes indeed it is. Thomas offered me his services, while I was recording some songs for him. I thought about having two singers would be cool, if they would battle each other vocally. So I chose the Temptation of Christ as a story, but with new twists and also influenced by the writings of Milton. We are even supported by the Swiss Christian Metal network, Unblack, that should tell you how serious the whole concept is.

You have been making music since 2002. What does it feel like to be in a band? Do you enjoy what you have been doing all these years?

It’s been hard. It started out as my solo project and the people would come to help me out, but the recording experience was difficult. Only recently we can talk of a band, as we are rehearsing with most of the people on the last two records.

Is Rise of Fallen going to be different from the previous albums?

Yes, it’s a lot more commercial and obviously it’s a concept piece. I hope people still buy physical copies and read the story.

What would be your favorite album so far and why it is?

I must say the new one, as I never worked harder to get a better production and to make the songs melodic and accessible. Thus, making a Concept Album that works with and without the story narrative is very complex and I’m glad how it turned out.

Over these years how have you managed Distant Past to reach a global presence, as well as a local presence in Switzerland?

Well, when we did the first real album, Alpha Draconis, in 2010, with a decent production and Progressive Metal influenced songs, the Internet Promotion helped us to gain global recognition, but we never played live, I still had to carry the cd around and offer it to people. Nowadays, it’s a system of online Promotion, that isn’t really free anymore and sadly, no one buys CD anymore. If all the people who downloaded the last record bought one, I could have sold three times the whole stock.

How often do you guys tour? Are there any plans in the near future?

There’s only a plan do to some local Gigs at the moment. Everybody’s busy with their own band and projects. I’m very glad, that we even can go on further with this new line-up, the last sadly didn’t last that long.

Apart from making music, do you guys have a job?

Music is just a hobby and it’s very expensive and time consuming. We all work five days a week and most work in an office, so music offers a great way to break out.

What are your favorite bands? What would be that band that inspired you to make music?

I’m a huge fan of Ronnie James Dio and his work with Black Sabbath. I made a tribute song called “Touched by the Gods.” It’s on our homepage for free download. Apart from that I listen to a lot of classic and progressive rock from the ’70s and early ’80s.

How do you market your music, and how successful have you been in promoting the band?

Again it’s very hard nowadays, you’ve got the attention span of 30 seconds when your music is out there and people give it a listen. There are so many awesome bands out there that tour their arse off. It hard to compete with them. Plus there are so many other styles of music, looking for fans, that don’t appreciate the hard work you put in to make an album. There’s very little success for Distant Past, but it’s growing and will grow with the new Album.

Distant Past have been more of a melodic heavy metal band. Do you guys ever thought of making some brutal music?

I don’t think so, I like thrash metal, and on the last albums we have some speedy parts. But, just listen to our singer Jvo, he’s got melodic metal written all over him.

Thanks for taking this time. Would you like to give a message to the fans and readers?

Thank you for your interest and I recommend our new album to all of your readers, please check it out, download the free songs, like us on facebook and if you want to support us, buy the album, you will not be disappointed! Rock forever!

Keith Clement

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