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Killing Miranda

We got word that after a few years of abscence from the scene, Gothic / Industrial / Metal band Killing Miranda had once again been spotted rehearsing. Could this mean the band is preparing a return? I sat down with Dave Irvine (Irish Dave) from the band for an interview.

It’s been a long time since we’ve hear from Killing Miranda. What have you been up to, and why did you take a break?

Yeah it’s been a while. We decided to stop for a number of reasons. Most of all we wanted to do different things. We had spent a lot of time with each other over the previous 8 years so I think we all needed a change. Over the last ten years we have all been keeping busy with a number of projects both musically and personally. Richard has done some electronic stuff with uberbyte, belle has worked on so many albums I can’t even mention them and Alien Dave and I have played for a number of bands including Sterile Prophet and the faces of Sarah.

Are you still in the original line-up?

We are still the original line up. So that’s Belle on drums, Rikky on vocals and some guitar, alien dave on lead and me on bass.

How is the current vibe in the band. It’s 8 years later, you have grown as invividuals. How does that reflect on your music and the group dynamics?

The current vibe in the band is good. Unlike before there is no pressure to produce albums or do lots of shows. So we are basically going into the studio and just enjoying ourselves. I think the fact that we do not know where we are going to go with it makes it more fun.

11 years after you released the Consumate album, how do you look back on that material?

Looking back on consummate I still think it sounds good. Yes there are bits we would go back and do differently but on the whole that album is the one we were most happy with. We were always heavy and energetic live. We found it hard to translate this to record. It got closer with each album. So consummate was the closest to the live sound. It’s certainly the album we are most happy with. I don’t really listen to our first album “blessed deviant” as to me it does not represent what we sounded like then or now. It was just very badly recorded and to be honest maybe we were not sure what we wanted to be. Also it was recorded on virtually no budget in a cleaners cupboard. So sounded very weedy and not guitar heavy enough. We still like our electronic under currents but it’s all about the guitars. I think you can see a healthy progression and style development with each release.

Are you working on new material?

We do have some new material in the mix. Rikky is always writing so he probably has about 1000 songs . But at the minute there is no plan to do anything more than one gig and then go from there. The idea we are going with is we are updating some of our earlier material to sound bigger and better and then add that to some of the later songs and maybe throw some new ones in too.

What is your current signing status, are you still with a label? Or are you looking for one?

As I said we have no plans to release anything yet. We just want to take it one day at a time. Do a show or two and then see what happens. As for labels we have a number of options open to us but it’s far too early to be thinking about that. For now we are happy rehearsing and re working out back catalogue. It’s a lot heavier

Can we expect to see you on tour?

No tour plans as such. All we want to do is do a show in London and see what happens. Might be we decide to only do one show. Might be we do more. I am afraid we don’t know ourselves yet.

How will 2016 look for Killing Miranda?

2016 will be full of rehearsals, new guitars and hopefully a kick ass show somewhere along the line. And maybe a few beers and bottles of Jack.

Looking at the current metal scene, are there any bands out there that inspire you?

I am really lucky. Some of my friends run a small live music venue which specialises in metal. They run metal to the masses heats for bloodstock and they also do a few all dayers throughout the year. So I get to see lots of really good new and up and coming bands. I find watching live music inspires me. Although I still listen to Tool and think I should just sell my guitars and never play music again as I will never be as good as them.

Any last words for our readers?

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Short but powerful. Thank you very much for taking the time to talk to us, we’re looking forward to seeing more of you guys!

Randy Gerritse

Randy is the founder of Metal On Loud Magazine and its community. He is a lyricist for several bands (Dissector, GOOT), an author currently working on his second book, and does web development for a living.

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