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Mass Murder

As a curious person who is open to all that is new, I am currently digging slam! The genre of Death Metal has so many shades and colours, so it is time to explore its darkest and most ear-bursting, yet also driving and headbanging corner: Brutal Death Metal! I managed to get in touch with the co-founder, guitarist, songwriter (and just a very nice man); the leader of Italian Brutal Death Metal band Mass Murder, Francesco Corcio.

Thank you so much, my brutal friend, for agreeing to spend some time with Metal On Loud Magazine! The band is comparatively new on the Death Metal scene. Can you please tell the readers of Metal On Loud Magazine more about Mass Murder‘s members?

First of all, I would like to thank all Metal On Loud staff for their great job and for giving us the chance to express our own opinion. All Mass Murder‘s members come from and have had past experience in the Brutal Death Metal world; all of us belong to the underground music scene, having worked in bands such as Necrotorture and Engorgement In Veins. Personally, I had a lot of experience in other genres of music as well: Classical music, Flamenco, Blues, Rock and—of course—Metal.

Why have you chosen Brutal Death Metal as your music genre?

Brutal Death Metal is the kind of music which reflects myself, my personality, and all that I am. Playing this music makes me feel good because I can really express myself and my ideas, especially my sensations, anger and happiness together, love and hate, everything. This is a musical genre which requires a lot of passion, dedication, patience, and a desire to learn and to grow every day. Music is always a challenge. This is my challenge and I love it!

Everyone knows that the most brutal metal musicians have tender soul. Can you open the secret to us: what or whom do you love? What are your not-so brutal hobbies, positive addictions?

Tender soul… I don’t think so. Music usually reflects what kind of person you are, so, in my opinion, the real human nature reveals itself in the composition, the execution, and in the chosen themes. I am a person who likes to reach his targets on my own—in music as well as in life. I want to be remembered for what I did and for what I am, especially in the music world.

What do you enjoy most of all during live performances?

The particular atmosphere, the vibe created during a gig is the most extraordinary thing that a musician can live! The interaction, the feeling between musicians and fans is amazing! Everyone is transported by the music and each person—on the stage as well as off—is totally absorbed by the lively situation: the groove, the heaviness of the sound, frenetic metrics, etc. All these things make me feel special. This is the real essence of playing live music: to share you dream with other people.

Which of your releases is your favourite and why?

I’m proud of all of my musical creations, but “Aracnofrenik” is my favourite one, because this is an album created entirely by my own idea. I created the concept of the album, I composed all musical metrics of each track, and I created the artwork as well. One of the reasons of my choice of the album is its subject: “Aracnofrenik” has a theme which is different from splatter and horror themes characterizing Brutal Death Metal music. The composition of the tracks is varied, elaborate, complex, and difficult to explain with simple words, so I think that this feature makes the album even more interesting, captivating, expressive, but also mysterious and dark at the same time.

Give us a hint: what new should we expect from Mass Murder in the nearest future? An album? Tours? Gigs? A new word?

I’m already working on the next album, but I don’t know when it will be made known—I hope as soon as possible! Regarding the tour, I want to wait for the new album release to start playing around and promoting my new work all around the world.

Guys, Metal On Loud Magazine team wishes all the best to Mass Murder in all your endeavours and much success!

Again, I want to to thank your staff and all the fans that support us everyday and anyway! Thank you so much to have dedicated us your time! Stay Brutal! Mass Murder! Produced by “Rotten Cemetery” and distributed by “Severed Records USA” and “Amputated Vein Records Japan”!!!


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Tania Legrand

Tania Legrand is a co-founder of Metal On Loud! This Russia-born metal lover currently operates from France. She manages the Facebook community and does interviews.
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