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Overunit Machine

Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions and allow our readers a chance to get to know you. I know there has been a line up change.Can you tell us about it and who currently is in the band?

After 10 years with almost the same line up led by DemianV.D. as singer and frontman, the band had several changes. First, we had the arrival of Zimon as bass player and Slippy as drummer, then with the arrival of Alessandro “Jepha” as new guitar player. These line up changes bring to the band new life and new power to look forward.
Can you tell us how the band came about?

The O-M project began in 2000  in the worst part of Italy, northeast. It is the worst place to start a crossover project due to a deep radication of traditional metal that was surely not helpful to the band.Life is rock’n’roll… so, deeply different styles and musical experiences are melted together  by the members of this band.Obsessive research of a different and eccentric sound that could distinguish the band from other local musical realities resulted in our success.

What inspires and influences your music?

As we explained, our obsessive research of a distinguishable sound that would set us apart from others by mixing various styles creating a crossover, but actually our genre is difficult to define other than to say it’s simply Overunit Machine sound. Our songs get inspiration from many things, mostly from our mood, but even the totally different music tastes of each member. Our musical tastes range from hard rock to extreme metal.Our reference bands are Tool, Meshuggah, APC, Tesseract, Katatonia, Devin Townsend, Fear Factory, American Headcharge and White Zombie.

How does your sound differ in 2016 from your beginning in 2000?

All of our albums have a different feel and approach. The new album Aldaraja is a step forward for many reasons and is mainly the result of our collaboration with Eddy Cavazza and Dualized from Dysfunction Production. Their musical experience gave the band a new amazing sound that is heavy powerful and damn catchy. Last but not least, working with a producer like Logan Mader for the mix and master, has been a great oppertunity, a straight choice and privilege, that only a few Italian bands have had.

The song Unholy Messiah is brutal and dark, and the video captures this perfectly.Did the band have any input  into the direction of the video?

We always paid attention to the image of the band, it can be seen in any of our graphical concept. The videos are another part of this important component, as in the first video Ikarus, in the new Unholy Messiah, you can see the explanation of what you hear. We decided to continue the collaboration with the same directors, the Italian talented 4 Frame Factory. The video was shot in one week, and as you can see, one of the principal actors is the famous Italian artist Saturno Butto. The concept was created by  Dr.Morte Lorergo, and the storyboard was developed by the film director A. Guarascio and our singer DemianV.D. All the band worked hard together with the 4 Frame Factory staff.

Well it was a great pleasure to interview you all. Thank you for your time, I really enjoyed it.

Carole Bonner

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