Most of death Metal bands have the same sound and the same approach


It can be easy to forget sometimes that Metal music is a worldwide phenomenon. Some countries have always held a high-profile within the community, birthing bands that easily tap into the world-wide Metal scene. Though there are places that are completely overlooked. Places that are putting out killer heavy bands that few ever hear due to lack of publicity. Lelahell are one such band. Hailing from Algiers, Algeria, these purveyors of Death Metal brutality have roots going back over 20 years, with founding member, Redouane Aouameur, having been part of the Algiers Metal scene since the 90’s with bands such as Carnavage and Lithum.

Metal On Loud recently caught up with Redouane to talk about the Algerian Metal scene and being the first Algerian band to crowdfund a Metal album.

Hey Redouane, thanks for taking time to talk to Metal on Loud about all things Lelahell!

Hi Metal on Loud, and thank you for giving us the opportunity to talk about our band!

I know you’re currently working on Lelahell’s second full-length release and the accompanying IndieGoGo campaign, but before we go into that I’d love to learn more about the Algerian Metal scene. What would you say sets the scene there apart from the rest of the world?

The Algerian Metal scene is not new, it has existed for about a quarter century and has some very talented bands. You should take a look at the documentary called “Highway to Lelahell: An Algerian Metal Documentary” which is an excellent opportunity to see the true face of the Algerian Metal scene!

You’ve personally been a part of the scene since the beginning and are something of a figurehead for Algerian Metal heads. What would you say is your favourite memory of your time in the Algerian scene?

The best moments were in the early day. In the 90’s when we started to play this music our main dream was to be rich and famous with Metal, there was no internet we were just watching video clips in the TV and reading mainstream magazines!
We were big fans of Metallica, Slayer and such bands; we wanted to live from music like them! We were so innocent!
Sounds like a much simpler time! Would you say being from Algeria has given Lelahell a sound that differs from other Death Metal bands?
In our music we use some local influences in the melodies of the riffs; it gives an identity to our Death Metal. Nowadays most of death Metal bands have the same sound and the same approach.

We certainly need to encourage more bands that bring a new perspective to extreme music. You’re currently running an IndieGoGo campaign for Lelahell’s second album “Alif” what made you decide to go down the crowd funded route?

We wanted to try a new experience; this is the first crowdfunding campaign hosted by an Algerian Metal band.

A world first! How have you found the experience of running an IndieGoGo campaign so far?

When you start a crowdfunding campaign you have to determine the right goals, and also have a very good communications with your fans. The main benefit of starting such campaign is to connect your band to the actual Metal environment. Some people say that for a small band it is a waste of time, but it only is if you’re just looking for money!

What does this new album mean to the band and how does it fit in with the bands previous releases?

Alif is the first letter of Arabic alphabet. In Arabic calligraphy we use it as main reference to determine the size of the next characters. We chose this name because this album will be the main musical reference of our upcoming releases. We have introduced more techniques to the guitar riffs and added more complexity to the drums. It has more technical and ethnic feel than our previous releases.

An interesting idea and certainly unique. What influenced the band during the writing of “Alif”?

For this album we just followed our inspiration and took from our past experiences and musical background.

What can Death Metal fans look forward to with this release?

The music lovers should expect something really different than an ordinary Death Metal (or Metal in general) release. A different approach: brutality through Algerian melodies. 

So once “Alif” has been released, what’s next for Lelahell?

After we finished with the recording of “Alif”, we will concentrate on the on making a music video, and after the release we will promote it with tours and festivals.

It sounds liked there’s a lot still to come from Lelahell! Thanks again for taking the time to talk to us Redouane, do you have any final words for our readers?

Thanks for your support! Our campaign is still running and will end in few days! Please don’t forget to drop us some bucks here. Support Lelahell or Die!!

In their mission to record their second full-length release at Poland’s Hertz Studio, Lelahell are offering to potential supporters a unique spread of rewards. Aside from the usual digital downloads, signed CD’s and tshirts, the band are offering a one-of-a-kind handmade leather bag adorned with the groups logo, a custom made 8 string Death Metal axe made by luthier Siggi Braun and a signature “Lelahell” Pre-Amp pedal made by RG Electronics. You can even book the band to play any show in Europe for €1000! If you want to support Lelahell and Algerian Death Metal (or die!) then you can find their campaign over on IndieGoGo until June 2nd.

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