Metal Never Dies!

Blacksmith Legacy

Heavy metal developed enormous quantity of subgenres through the years…bands experiment with the sound mixing incompatible making magic and creating new metal styles. But…sometimes we all want to return to the roots and listen to pure, beautiful, still heavy, heavy metal! Personally, I am happy that the modern metal scene has such bands which don’t deny the initial basis of heavy music, exploit it for their and our joy and happiness.

I fell in love with their music along with other thousands of metalheads…here we are: me, a new fan of Swedish heavy metallers Blacksmith Legacy, and the mighty band themselves, discussing some vital issues in front of the readers of Metal On Loud Magazine.

Thank you very much, gentlemen, for keeping a torch of heavy metal high! Believe me or not, but modern bands playing classic heavy metal are quite rare…What made you start a heavy metal band nine years ago?

First of all, thank you. Yes we have noticed that there aren´t that many “new” bands that are playing classical Heavy Metal nowadays, but here in Sweden we’re not alone. The bands history is pretty simple. I, Torgil (drummer), thought that my son Martin (Lead guitar) was too skilled not to be heard. Back in 2008 when he was only 15, he had no band and was seating by himself playing guitar and learning by watching other guitarists on YouTube. So i simply asked him one day if we should put a band together and he said yes. So 2009 we started the band.

We can read about your music influences on your Facebook page. What are personal metal idols of each member of the band?

That´s a hard one. There’s so many! But.. Torgil – Judas Priest, Accept, Gamma ray. Martin – Sonata Arctica, Toto. Mike – Judas Priest. Stellan – Grim Reaper. Claes – UDO, Accept.

Let’s talk a bit about your latest EP…what songs are your the most favorite and why?

My favourite song is “Metal never dies”. I think it´s a big anthem to the music we love!

Tell us a bit more about Swedish metal scene and your place there? What is going on there? How do you see your future at the scene?

Swedish heavy metal is very strong and theres lots of great bands! And there are coming new bands all the time so.. “Metal never dies”!

Live performances are feeding bands with energy and admiration of fans. What are your the most memorable live performances?

We haven´t done any really big shows yet, but our releaseparty for the Metal never dies EP at a sold out venue is a very strong memory. We also remember when we supported Amaranthe.
I know that you are doing your best applying to different festivals in Europe. What does participation in a metal festival means for you? What performances are planned?

We almost made it to Sweden Rock Festival this year and that would be great, but we hope to get there another year. It would be great to meet other bands, and there is always a great crowd! We start by headlineing a big party in Denmark in May, and then it contiues with a lot of gigs at clubs all summer.

Blacksmith Legacy is an experienced band…almost the decade of existence and big fan club…what do you consider your biggest achievements during these nine years?

We are very pleased with our two albums “Let the game begin” and the EP “Metal never dies” We are growing all the time.

The banal question, but I should ask, haha…please, tell us what we should expect from the band in the nearest future? Any plans for a new album? If yes, what will it be about?

We have a new singer Stellan Henborn, so the focus is to get him to know all our songs. Then we hope to make a new fullength album in the winter.

What would you wish to your fans, current and future? What message would you like to deliver to the readers of Metal On Loud Magazine?

We wish all Metalheads all the best! There are no more friendly and great people than Hardrockers and we hope to see you at some place in the future!

Thank you very much for your time! It was a big pleasure to talk to you! Always your fan! m/

Thank you very much yourself and we´re very grateful !

Tania Legrand

Tania Legrand is a co-founder of Metal On Loud! This Russia-born metal lover currently operates from France. She manages the Facebook community and does interviews.
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