Metal is really alive in this part of the country


My name is Rudi, and i do the interview for Metal on Loud Magazine. You guys have played at a lot of festivals already. Which one gives you the best memories and why? Probably GMM, because as a metalhead in Belgium it is by far the most known festival. It is very special to attend the festival at a younger age as spectator, and then play the stage when your older. Ofcourse we also did lots of other nice festivals.  Alcatraz is also special for us. Dokkem is also one that stays in our minds. Summerdays was also ver nice. Are there festivals where you really would love to get a chance to play at? So many. If we start naming everyone of them, you’ll still be here in the morning.But Wacken would be first choice , we guess. Metalcamp, but really we would like to perform everywhere. You’ve been in the line up for this festival already multiple times. How do you find it has changed over the years? We see the festival grows every year. It’s good to see. We all are from around here, and before there was nothing to do here. It’s only since Headbanger’s Ball Fest has begun , that there are thing moving in Izegem. That’s really positive, and we hope they may grown even more in the next years.We’ve got a lot of respect for the organising people. Everything is done and arranged  so well. Every year day take a step further in pleasing the bands and the crowd. Are there bands you would really want to share the stage with? We all like different styles of music. So it would be difficult to come up with one name. Everybody would just pick something else. That’s also part of what makes it fun. But Amorphis, Opeth, but there are so many great bands. But it’s also nice to share the stage with Thurisaz and Fields of Troy. We’ve got a lot of respect for these people. It doesn’t always have to be a foreign band, there are very good Belgian bands too. What is it that is so special about those bands? The way they go about their music. The mixture of clean voice and grunts, something we like very much. It’s something really metal. What is the worst thing that happened to you during the years? Our guitarist breaking his wrist, 2 days before we had to perform at Summerdays in Germany. We had to go and perform without him. That was painful. To you think that because of Alcatraz coming to Courtrai that there are more possibilities for bands as yourselves? We think that overall the region West-Flanders is getting alive again. 15 years ago, if you wanted to go to a gig or festival, you had to be in Antwerp. Now we feel that everything moved here. You can go to a gig every week if you want to. If that has something to do with Alcatraz being so close, we really can’t say. We do think Alcatraz made a wise technical decision by coming to Courtrai. Ofcourse the mayor of the city has a lot to do with thing. Whenever there is something to do concerning alcatraz, he’s also there. He’s a metalhead in costume. But most of the time as drunk as the rest of us(LOL). But the metal is really alive in this part of the country. We go to gigs in other parts of the country, and if they don’t put huge names in the line up their is not so much crowd. Here, at every gig there lots of people. This one for instance is sold out!! Can we expect new stuff in the near future? We’re working on it. The music is ready, that’s no problem. But the lyrics still need some work. So there is a lot of new material, but it will take some time before it’s ready to be put on an album. Maybe end of 2018 beginning 2019. We don’t want to hurry things, we just want it to be good. Is it going to be different then what you’ve made before? It probably may be. We don’t limit ourselves and try different things We make the music we like at that exact moment.. So yes it may sound a little different.  A week ago you were playing at Asgaard, the new venue of Grimm. How did you experience that? Asgaard, yes that was a party!! We are happy that the city of Ghent has a venue where such events are possible. And it was a good thing it was sold out! But outside there was also a crowd, just listening to the music. It was epic!! There was a very good vibe, and very friendly people. They also have a lot different kind of very good beers. Our favorites were the Mysticum, blond and brown. Thanks for the interview, and maybe now is a good time to have a beer. Cheers!
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