Making music and playing shows comes from my heart


Greetings from, Would you please tell us about BonFire for the fans who are new to your music?

Thank You ! great to talk to you here. Bonfire is a German Hard Rock band that have released many albums. We have had much sucess in Germany and in Europe including a Gold Record here in Germany. We are now celebrating 30 years with our new double album “Pearls”  a rerecording of many Bonfire classics available on U.D.R Records

What is the reason for changing the band’s name from “Cacumen” to Bonfire?

For those that do not know Cacumen it was my band before Bonfire. We started to do very well here in Germany and got a big record deal. The idea from the record company was to change the name Cacumen to something that was easier to remember and more international. We came up with the name BONFIRE.

What was the reason for Claus Lessman’s departure from Bonfire?

Claus and I were great friends and partners for a very long time.Unfortunately like some marriages sometime people drift apart. This has happened over the years with Claus and me. Claus is a very good singer and songwriter and we have had much succsess and experience together so I do wish him the best of luck in the future.

Since David Reece has joined the band as Vocalist, will there be a change from the Original Bon Fire musically?

David is a really great and powerful singer. So David brings his influence into the songs as do the whole band. But I was the primary songwriter in the past and remain the primary songwriter so although things are different it is still the same but even better.

Are you planning for a new album in 2016?

We just released Pearls which is a sort of best of album rerecorded with the new lineup. We are currently touring Europe in support of this album. We do have plans to start recording a new album in the fall of 2016 but right now I am not sure if it will be released in 2016 or 2017

Bonfire has been making music for decades, how do you feel about it?

Making music and playing shows comes from my heart. It is what I love and what I do best. So I am happy and grateful what I have accomplished and I am excited and keep looking ahead to bring new music from Bonfire.

How is the fans reaction towards the new vocals?

We have toured already in 2015 in support of our release of Glorious. Crowd response was very good. Many people have come to me and say they like it very much. They tell me of the band having more power and everyone really likes David’s voice on the songs. Some people were fans of Claus and many did not know what to expect with a new singer. But David is really great and does a great job. Of course there are some people that cannot open their mind and never like a change in a band. But to me this was a necessary change and anyone that sees the show cannot deny that Bonfire is still burning strong.

Is there any chance for you to come back to Wacken, I think its hightime Bonfire should come out and fire up the crowd?

Yes of course, we would love to come back to Wacken it is one of the best festivals in Europe. There is some talk so maybe this will happen in 2017

What would be the best experience you had in Bonfire over the ages and why is that?

Obviously receiving a Gold record was a big accomplishment and very rewarding to us. But I cannot say there is one experience that was best there were so many. We are now celebrating 30 years it comes with many many great experiences

Are you a fan based band, how Important are the fans to you?

The fans are always the most important thing. We think of them every step of the way and are always thinking of how we can make the best experience for them

What is that one place you guys die to perform?

Well, the show is not so much of a venue as it is the show itself. Of course since you mentioned Wacken this was great and we look forward to hopefully planning it again soon.

What was the fan reaction towards the last album “Pearls” how successful was the album overall?

Pearls has only been out about 1 month right now. But reviews have been exceptional and the fans really enjoy the power of the band and David’s voice on the old classics.

Do you have any message for the fans?

We do everything from our heart and try to make the best possible. If you are unsure check it out for yourself and Give It A try I promise you won’t be disappointed. Keep Rocking everyone and hope to see you all soon!!!

Keith Clement

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