Live slow – die old


Thank you for taking the time to speak to us! You describe your sound as a mix of hardcore punk and doom metal. That’s in interesting combination. How did you land on this sound?

We all come from different musical influences and the combination of those two Genres,or just “Sludge Metal” as the cool kids say was something we all could agree on was awesome.It was actually at a local Sludge/Stoner show with Danish Helhorse that we got together and agreed on starting a band.

Which of these styles would you say is a bigger influence on your sound?

We like to think that a lot of bands and styles influence us and  our diverse and different preferences and backgrounds let us experiment with Genres and influences and hopefully it translates well into our music.We make sure to let all of our influences come through so not just one or two people dictate how the music should sound like. So the overall style may be Sludge Metal but the influences comes from many places such as Blues Rock, Hardcore,Black Metal,Drone,Progressive Metal and so on.

As a release stunt you buried copies of your latest EP “Ratcatchers” on infamous locations in Denmark like sites where famous murders were committed,a very original way of handing out free albums,how did this come to pass?

I think the idea came up at a High On Fire show after a week of heavy drinking and We just wanted to do something different and the idea of a treasure hunt came up But that may have been too childish so we spiced it up with some murders haha.

How was the participation? Were all EP’s found or are some still waiting to be dug up?

It was way beyond what we expected and all the were actually gone within the first couple of days and the participants were all excited and posted pictures of their hunts so it couldn’t have gone any better So we have to step up our game for the next release!

What can you tell us about the 4 tracks on Ratcatchers?

There is a bit for every mood on the EP and there’s the more classic Sludge Metal track “Ratcatchers” the misanthropic and eerie Doom track “Eternal Black Name” the fast paced punk song “Prison Cell” and the long,slow song “Hide From The Sun” with the explosive middle part.
The themes of the songs are everything from inner to external struggles.The misconception of religion and society as a way to be saved from yourself is a major theme.

When can we expect a full album of you guys?

As soon as we have the cash to go in the studio! Haha,I think we have about 4 new songs ready right now and more in the making,hopefully we will go into the studio again later in 2016.

In your still relatively short career you already played a wide variety of live shows. What are your favorite tour memories so far?

Definitely opening for the legends in Crowbar and we still had not that much experience as a band and it was a huge opportunity for us.It was one of the most hyped feelings we have ever felt and when the show was a success (almost full house as the first band and people stayed!) it all just felt right!
Also,our first official show as “Dirt Forge” was a surprise-show on the back of a truck outside on January 3rd.That was cold but definitely memorable!

If you could choose any band still in existence or no longer together,who would you love to tour with?

It’s these sorts of questions that make us go at each other’s throats! haha.In the past we have had huge success playing with bands far away from our style of metal so if we could continue in that fashion with bigger international acts and it would be crazy awesome!
But if we had to choose then we wouldn’t say no to open for Down or High On Fire.

What are the absolute minimum requirements for an unforgettable live show?

People up front enjoying the music are all we ask and so far all shows have been unforgettable but we want to treat all shows the same and give ourselves 110% every time,so no matter if there are 5 people or 1.000 we make it count.Who knows,those 5 people might go on to tell 20 friends each and then there’s 100 people next time!

What will 2016 look for Dirt Forge?

We’re going on a national tour with four of the coolest and most awesome bands in Denmark at the moment (Bersærk,Grusom and Slowjoint) and we couldn’t be more excited! It’s our first real tour so it will be fun to see if we can stand each other for that amount of time it takes,other than that it will be fun to see and play other parts of the country.Hopefully it will also take us beyond the Danish borders soon!
Other than that we are playing a couple of Danish festivals and plan the next release, so there’s no slowing down here.

Any last words for our readers?

Live slow – die old.

That sounds like sound advice,Thank you for speaking with us! Metal On Loud!

Randy Gerritse

Randy is the founder of Metal On Loud Magazine and its community. He is a lyricist for several bands (Dissector, GOOT), an author currently working on his second book, and does web development for a living.

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