Life in the Grave

Cryptic Slaughter

CRYPTIC SLAUGHTER is one of the Pioneers of the Crossover Thrash Metal. We fetched them for a few words, and here is the result –

You’ve started your work back in the 80s, the golden age of the Thrash Metal. What can you tell us about your work back there?

Yeah we were lucky to be around the scene when it first started and we were lucky that we got to record 3 records with Death/Metal Blade Records.

As a crossover Thrash Metal band you wrote alot about politics, wars and etc. Where you got the ideas? Why about that?

Well Les and Bill wrote the more political songs where Rob and I wrote the songs about being yourself, religion, etc. We just wrote about what we knew and what we felt passionate about. Just everyday stuff.

In 2013, your band have released a reissue called “Life In Grave”. What can you tell us about it?

It was a reissue of our 1985 demo “Life In Grave” and it was reissued through FOAD Records.

Will you ever bring the band back together to give more shows and record more music?

Sorry to say that there will be no CRYPTIC SLAUGHTER reunion. Bill has made it very clear that he has no desire to be back on stage or to be part of any reunion. We all respect his decision, but if it can’t be all four original members, there’s no point in doing it.

You started the band as teenagers, and after 30 years you and your music became both mature and less raw. What can you tell us about that journey?

We were a band from 1984-1988. So for that 4 years, it was a lot of fun. The fact that people still remember us 30 years later is crazy. We never thought anyone would care after the 80’s ended. But we’re all very thankful to all the fans world wide who keep the CRYPTIC SLAUGHTER name alive and well! We’re very lucky to have such true, die hard fans!!!

Your band is stated as one of the pioneers of the Crossover Thrash Metal, alongside acts like SUICIDAL TENDENCIES, D.R.I and etc. What made your choose this direction back in the day?

We were influenced by Motorhead, Slayer, Venom as well as GBH and Discharge, so our sound just came about from the band that made us want to be in a band. We never set out to create a style of music, it just happened. Back when we were a band crossover wasn’t even a word until 88, we always considered ourselves a thrash band. But it’s nice now that people credited us along with DRI, COC, Excel, Crumbsuckers, The Accused, Wehrmacht and other with starting crossover.

Any Metal recommendation for the viewers?

Check out Witchhaven, The Shrine, Llivin Alive and Brain Dead.

Any last words for the fans?

Thank you to all the fans world wide for all your love and support for us! Without you, the CRYPTIC SLAUGHTER name would die!

Zohar Belkin

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