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Gorod, formerly known as Gorgasm in France, was founded in 1997. Initially started as a 3-piece band when it came time to record a demo in 2000, a second guitarist was added. Their debut full-length album, Neurotripsicks (2004), brought them a world fame and recognition by metal critics and fans as of the kings of technical death metal. Since that time the band released five more albums, participated/headlined in the most famous metal festivals and still keep their title.

Gorgasm Demo (Self-Released, 2000)
Promo 2002 (Self-Released, 2002)
Embalmed Madness (Split, Nihilistic Holocaust Records, 2005)
Neurotripsicks (Willowtip Records, 2005)
Leading Vision (Willowtip Records, 2006)
Process of a New Decline (Willowtip Records, 2009)
Transcendence (Self-Released, 2011)
A Perfect Absolution (Listenable Records, 2012)
A Maze of Recycled Creeds (Listenable Records, 2015)

Band members:
Mathieu Pascal – guitar (1997–present)
Benoit Claus – bass (1997–present)
Julien “Nutz” Deyres – vocals (2010–present)
Nicolas Alberny – guitar (2010–present)
Karol Diers – drums (2014-present)

We know that you had to change your band name. Why Gorod? What is the story behind the name?

Yes, before 2005 we used to be called Gorgasm, but when Willowtip re-issued our first album “Neurotripsicks” for North America, we decided to change for Gorod, to avoid any confusion with the american Gorgasm, already well known around the world. There’s is actually no reason for Gorod in the first place, we just looked for a band name that would be close to the original, to keep our logo style, and finally chose Gorod among other different names. It’s a kind of accident if it’s the word for “city” in russian (like Novgorod, or Leningrad – “grad” being a reduction for “gorod”), it was not on purpose. The lyrics for the 2 first albums told about a city, located by the Ural Mountains, but it’s pure coincidence.

Who is “guilty” in the band for writing songs?

I’m guilty for writing music, Guillaume (the former singer) and Ben used to write lyrics until Julien join the band and write his own lyrics with his own personality. We always worked this way. I really love creating music, maybe more than perform it! Since I figured out how to record guitar and make basic drum loops with my computer, when I was a teenager, I’ve never stopped writing music. But it becomes harder and harder to come up with fresh and new material after six releases…I have to constantly listen and get into new things myself to keep my mind clear and not to repeat the same formulas every album.

Your album A Maze Of Recycled Creeds has got the best reviews and made your fans who were waiting for your new album not disappointed. What are the strongest features of the album?

As I said , I think it’s because it’s still suprising, even if they can always hear the gorod sound. There are some influences in this album I never use that much, like old school thrash metal, groove elements from the 70’s , and odd chord progressions that I picked up from Erik Satie, a french piano composer and a character in the lyrics, that I really dig. Another thing is that we did this album all by ourselves, from the writing to the production, only helped by some close friends, like Pierre Yves Marani for the mastering or Eric Liberge for the artwork. The result is that we had all the necessary time to achieve and refine all sides of the album, looking for the perfect note, drum groove, but also perfect sound and balance. Another cool feature is our new drummer, Karol, who really brought his personality and inspiration to the songs. He added a lot of details and nuances to the drumming, giving extra energy and catchiness to the music, but always with good sense of groove and moderation. The last point would be the vocals stuff, I mean not only the vocals itselves (that are really a step forward for Julien since “A Perfect Absolution”, and the most rewarding collaboration I did with a singer so far), but all the work around: concept, story, and lyrics. Julien did a great job to fit the songs with his voice, dramatizing and giving sense and purpose to the whole album.

Tell us the truth :): what are your favorite songs from A Maze Of Recycled Creeds? Why?

“An Order to Reclaim”, “Inner Alchemy”, ‘From Passion to Holiness” are my favourites. The most progressive ones, I realize.. Obviously I love the other songs, but I still can enjoy these 3 songs, after two years writing, recording, mixing, and several thousand listenings. “Inner Alchemy” is included in our set list now, and when we play it, it’s like holding your breath for six minutes, staying focused until the end! For “AOTR” and “FPTH”, I’m particularly proud of how they sound now, because they were just rough draft when we enter the studio. We had no idea about the vocals for example, and after all they’re my favourite on this album! All the little details, arrangements, fills, variations, bring to these songs something always interesting and surprising, this kind of multi-layer reading that I did want to figure out but didn’t always succeed for every song.

Fans and metal critics call you the kings of technical death metal. In your opinion, what makes any metal musician a king of a music genre?

I’d say you’re a king of a music genre when you’re the one who created this genre or sub-genre, or when nobody can say which type you are. And a king must be widely popular and rich! That’s why we don’t consider ourselves as kings of technical death. We didn’t create this branch, Death did, in my opinion. So I’m aware that I’m just a follower, even if I do my best to sound different and to move forward and beyond my old influences. We always tried to develop our own style, paying particular attention to not be similar to our close “rivals” ( ok music is hopefully not a competition). I mean, if I have the feeling that there are too many bands making the same music the same way, I’m sure I’ll take the opposite direction. There are really a few bands now in tech death that I respect for that: being just creative and unique.

What are your best memories of 2015 besides the release of the new album?

Oh, a lot of good things happened in the metal scene in 2015. The new Leprous “Congregation” is awesome, the new album from the australians Psychroptic as well, the one from Panzerballet “Breaking Brain”, on a different vibe, is excellent too. Not to mention the great album “Arisen New Era” from our buddies of Kronos!

All kings have ambitious dreams: to win a war, to strengthen or enlarge a kingdom, etc..What are your King dreams? Which of the dreams you want to fulfil in 2016?

We want to conquer the world hahahahahahahah! Yes, we can’t wait to go on tour to promote this album. Good things are being set up for spring 2016, we hope everything will happen as planned. We have prepared a brand new show, including the new songs and some unseen old ones like “Transcendance”, with a new light show, scenery etc… Be sure we’ll cross Europe this year, so come and let’s party together!

Tania Legrand

Tania Legrand is a co-founder of Metal On Loud! This Russia-born metal lover currently operates from France. She manages the Facebook community and does interviews.
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