Keep chugging beers, stomping feet and banging heads


Can you tell the readers about yourselves, when the band was formed and about the San Antonio metal scene.

Aggravator was formed by Derek Jones (Rhythm/Vocals) and I, Mike Cortes (Drums) in 2008. After a couple years as a two piece, we recruited Jesse Lopez (Lead Guitar) and Tristan Hernandez (Bass). San Antonio is known as the metal capital of the world, but it doesn’t feel that way

Aggravator is considered one of the bands of the neo thrash wave. Many musical insiders had considered thrash to be dying until this new wave. Any thoughts on this?

Thrash is without a doubt making a comeback. I’m glad to see all these youngsters keeping Thrash alive, cause they are the future of the metal scene.

Populace Destructor has been named one of the best albums of 2014 by The Metal Syndicate and Thrashers unite. This is very impressive for a newer band. How do you feel about it and do you feel more pressure recording new material?

It is an awesome feeling to have an album that is recognized as one of the best albums of 2014, and we are very fortunate. Populace Destructor was an important album for us, showing progression from Age of Combat and furthering our recognition throughout the metal community. We can definitely feel the pressure to out do Populace Destructor and give the fans even faster gut pounding riffs with our latest effort Sterile Existence.

I really enjoyed the super fast thrash sound and syncopated bass beats of the album. The sound has come a long way since your 2012 demo . How do you explained this?

Progression….We have progressed as musicians from Age of Combat and it really shows with Populace Destructor. Also not to mention production. Dennis Munoz is great at what he does and he was able to give our album actual tone and definition. Age of Combat was first released as an EP just to get our name out there, but after grabbing the attention of Dead Center, it became our first album release as is, still proud of it though.

Throughout your album, I hear a German thrash influenced sound. Is that more of an influence on the band than American thrash?

We have a strong German influence in our music. Derek is a big fan of Kreator and it shows through his riffs. I have always loved Kreator as well, and I have some drumming influence from Jurgen Reil. Extreme Aggression is one of the toughest albums ever written.

In June, the band is appearing at Sweden’s Muskelrock Festival. Quite an honor I would imagine. Are you excited? What are your plans afterward? Is there a new record coming out soon?

Oh hell yes! We have been itching to return overseas after our appearance at Inferno Metal Festival, and what better way than to share the stage with all the great bands at the well known Muskelrock Festival. After our return from overseas we will be making an appearance at Full Terror Assault II Open Air Festival in Cave Rock, IL. Yes, our newest album Sterile Existence will be out this summer 2016

Are there any projects, special shows etc.that you want our readers to know?

Keep a look out for our new album Sterile Existence coming out this summer 2016. Keep chugging beers, stomping feet and banging heads, see you soon! CHEERS

Carole Bonner

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