I’ve lost my balalaika and vodka

Tacid Fury

Thank you for taking the time to talk to us. Playing in a band, you’ve changed your style from the early years Symphonic Death/Doom Metal band to Death Metal with distinguished, hardcore sound. What made you do that change?

After I left TACIT FURY in 2006 I played in many bands, grew up as a man, and as a musician. I decided to move on and play something powerful, beasty. I found the same vision in our drummer Alexander. So we did it.

You’re a 3 pieces band. What can you tell us about your band members?

Actually the last news is that we are getting bigger. We will be adding a fourth member. You will know who that man is and what he will be doing in the band on October 24 on the last show of our Russian tour in Moscow.

Let’s talk about your latest record “A SOCIAL BERSERKER”. What can you tell me about it? What stands behind it?

“A SOCIAL BERSERKER” was released 2 years later, after the first EP . 2 years is a good brake between releases because we were touring, writing new songs, making videos, and etc. We can’t just write new stuff releasing it every year or whatever and ignore things that make a band alive.
“A SOCIAL BERSERKER” is a collective creation. We made it all together. I’m sure this is just a starting point of making our unique music style, sound, and image.

Your songs are very harsh and cruel, but unlike usual Death Metal you add the unique color to the lyrics. Where did you get ideas for that?

Actually, I was riding my bear through the endless frozen landscapes and realized – holy crap, I’ve lost my balalaika and vodka. That’s how it was.

Now seriously.
All our lyrics are about human mental disorders in hypertrophied form. All ideas are coming out from our own minds.

We see you have played a lot of gigs the last few years. Are there any specific ones that you remember as iconic moments for the band?

For sure all our shows are memorable moments for us! But sometimes we discover absolutely new feelings like it was in India, or Romania, or in other places. For example, I’ve never thought Indian people are so kind or I will have a chance to watch BIOHAZARD’s show standing 2 meters away from them on the stage. All of those are fucking awesome!

What albums or bands would you recommend to for our viewers?

I don’t want to impose my musical tastes and I just recommend you to listen to good music whatever it is!

You released your albums through the Russian label FONO LTD. What can you tell us about that?

FONO LTD. supported us releasing 2 our CDs. We appreciate it. By the way last album “A SOCIAL BERSERKER” was released by me and FONO LTD. in different editions. I released it as DIGIPAK, And for the label – they released it as a Jewel CD.

Any last words for the fans?
Just stay who you are and keep supporting fucking death metal! Cheers!

Zohar Belkin

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