In the name of Power Metal!

Twilight Force

A totally sold out show in Copenhagen lay ground to Sabaton with special guest Accept and support band Twilight Force.

If you are into fantasy and power metal, you should check out Twilight Force. The Swedish band delivers a great show full of magicians, elves, and warriors!

Accept really got the venue going! It’s amazing how these guys can still deliver a show full of energy and many younger bands could learn a lot from these guys. The pictures say it all. Well-done guys!

Sabaton had brought one of the biggest productions possible for this venue. Before the show, the stage was searched for mines by two scared soldiers and a harsh commander. From there, the show took off and it’s fantastic to see a band that really delivers a show. Mic stands made out of assault rifles and Spartan soldiers were among the requisites to support the flawless music and Sabaton even brought a battle tank on stage!

This was really a night in the name of Power Metal!

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