I will organize an Industrial Metal festival myself!

Obszön Geschöpf

I am talking with the inspirer, creator, composer and singer of the most, as the band members identify themselves, deranged, perverted and insane band of France – horror EBM industrial metal band Obszön Geschöpf – Kelleci Remzi! No, no, he doesn’t look as Frankenstein or a mad scientist, hehe, but a metallers with huge passion to metal and industrial heavy music!

Thank you for spending some time with Metal On Loud Magazine, Remzi! So…how far is insanity of the band spreading? What are the most crazy actions and events happened to Obszön Geschöpf since the band was founded?


Haha, I think the most crazy thing since I have created OG (in 1997-1998) is that OG is still alive and I am having a interview with you in 2016 .
I have not seen these years pass, it seems like yesterday. I have done a lot of crazy things in the past principally on stage, I was really crazy, lol, close to old NIN , Manson shows from early 90’s , no pain no gain ;-). In the past during a OG show one guy told me: “You are the most deranged, perverted and insane industrial metal band  from France”, – it was the best compliment for me and I use that sometimes to define OG.


What is going on on the French and European industrial metal scene? Who are the most loyal fans? What bands are you collaborating with, if you are, from France and Europe?


France is a fucking bullshit for industrial scene and worst for industrial metal, everybody knows that. In France, when you are an Industrial metal band you can’t play at Metal parties or festivals because you are to much Industrial, and you can’t play at Industrial parties or festivals because you are too much Metal for them. FUCK YOU ALL, I will organize Industrial Metal festival myself!!!
I have in mind to organize the first Industrial Metal festival in October 2016 in my city – in Lille (North of France), I am waiting for the agreeement from the venue, I cross my dick and my fingers.

For Europe, it depends…Belgium is pretty cool, a good Goth and dark scene since early 90 with regularly parties and shows, for other countries, when you play “Industrial metal music” you need to sound like “German Industrial Metal” close like Rammstein, Oomph!, Eisbrecher, Megaherz, etc… 90% of Industrial Metal scene in Europe sound “German” . Unfortunately, I sound as USA Industrial Metal, lol. I’m more close to the bands like White Zombie / Rob Zombie, KMFDM (though they are German), 16 Volt , Ministry , Die Krupps (German, but different too), Clawfinger, Diatribe, Fear Factory, Nine Inch Nails, M. Manson from 90’s, Skrew, etc…but OG is not only an Industrial Metal band, I put all styles together which I like into my music (EMB, dark electro of 90’s, new beat acid, thrash, death, grunge, hip hop old school, nu metal, italo disco, etc… ). When I compose for OG, I don’t care if people are shocked that I put hip hop or new beats sounds and samples, I do what i love, that is why OG have a unique sound, because I’m a schizophrenic guy, lol.

As for collaboration, I have worked on remixes, remixes exchange or as album guests with more of 50 international bands like Joachim Witt,  Dagoba, Treponem Pal, Skrew, Dope Stars Inc., Ventana/Mushroomhead, Amgod, Mob Research, Portion Control, Myrath, Eths, Inertia (Killing Joke keyboarder), etc… all great artists.


Horror movies are your love and passion. What are your the most favorite films and characters which inspire you?


Oulalalaa…I’m a big fan of old horror movies from 60, 70, 80 since I was 4 years old, traumatized the first time by Friday the 13th, part 1, and Return of the living death (with Thriller of M.Jackson too ), I have more of 800 movies on DVD and VHS . OG is 666% influenced by old horror movies and serial killers.

Ummmmm, it’s hard to name only some movies (because I have 666 movies in mind, lol), but these are some classic movies of my childhood: Grandmother’s house (1989), Mortuary (1983), Alice Sweet Alice, Return of the living dead, Friday the 13 from part 1 to 7, Nightmare on Elm street, 1 , 2 , 3 , The love Butcher (1975), Halloween, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, all lot of movies from Dario Argento, Lucio Fulci, John Carpenter, Mario and Lamberto Bava, Umberto Lenzi, Jean Rolin, Tom Holland, etc… but my favorite movie all time is Fright night (1985) – a nightmare if you watch this movie with me, I know all the lyrics ;-).


Hahaha, have just read on your Facebook page what are the band interests: sex, beer and rock’n’roll. Is it a correct order? And if seriously, what are the band priorities and music influences? What bands/musicians influenced over your composing?


Yes, or maybe, sex, rock & roll  and beer …. lol . Ummmm… the biggest influence when you listen to my music is, probably, the band like Die Krupps, White Zombie, Nine Inch Nails from 90’s, or Clawfinger (and, maybe, Suicide Commando from 90’s for my first 2 albums Yell of fright and Son of evil). But my farvorite band is Pantera, and that’s for life!! My favorite artist since I’m a child is Michael Jackson. Like I have said to you before, I look like a  schizophrenic guy …. hahaa.


Your latest album The Vault Of Nightmares was released last year. Please, tell our readers WHY they should give a listen to the album. What makes it special?


Simply because I think it’s my best album. I have the sound I have in my mind since when I have created OG . A mix of EBM, dark electro old school, new beat acid with Brutal Industrial Metal with big guitars parts and, of course, a Horror vintage ambiance on the music and the visual. This album looks like a compilation sounds of all my albums, so it’s good when you have put this album in a box anniversary “15 years of bloody nightmares ” . This box has 60 tracks with the first demo “Day of suffering” never released before, compilation of all albums + 16 remixes from international bands + the vault of nightmares, only available in this box.


Alright… About special…what is special about the band in general. What is your uniqueness in?


Simply the sound, all the time fans say me they can recognize OG between 666 millions bands, with all my influences sound and ambiance, OG have created a unique sound. And the visual of OG is more close to death metal old school like Cannibal Corspse , Macabre or Necrophagia than a typical Industrial band .


You have a comparatively new lineup …please, introduce your band members..in a deranged/perverted/insane way, haha! Joking! Just tell our readers why and what for do you appreciate your colleagues?


Appreciate my colleagues ? No way!!! To be serious, I’m feeling good with this new live line up simply because 2 are my friends and the other is my brother in law. But now my sister hates me …. 😉


What should we expect from Obszön Geschöpf this year?


In 2016, a lot of shows. We have had more of 30 dates for the Vault of Nightmare European tour for this moment, some other dates will come soon. Then next month I will do a demo with some new OG tracks from a possible next OG album “Master of Giallo “. I have in mind to release it in early 2017, but I want to find a good label, the good label to release it. No fake or amateur label.
I don’t want to release myself this next album, I prefer to focus my time to compose or shows. I will keep my label “Cemetery Records” for merchandising .

For 2017, I hope to find a good label to release this new album, I have in mind to do the 3rd USA tour, and I would love to go to Brazil, Argentina and Mexico, we have a lot of fans in these countries and that would be cool to meet them.


What would you want to achieve, haven’t achieved yet, but you are working with this dream/plan to reach this achievement? Please, share with us!


Like I have told you before: find the best label for OG (I have some good labels in mind), do the 3rd USA tour, play everywhere in the world to meet fans (Southern American, USA, Canada, Russia, Europe, Japan, Australia, etc…. ) – why not on another planet, lol!
But first of all, achieve success – sell a lot of CDs and try to live with my passion the rest of my life. My ultimate dream: get to the TOP 10 biggest Industrial Metal bands in the world (with Rammstein, NIN, M. Manson, Ministry, Rob Zombie, so on…)


Why have you chosen heavy industrial music genre? What does metal mean for you?


My life simply. I listen to metal strongly since 1993 and electro industrial since 1995. I was living in a period when you needed to have “passion” for this music, because there was no internet, you had to discover bands yourself and buy albums and do tape trading with your friends and know a lot of bands. I think we have lost this passion with internet. I know I’m the most nostalgic guy in the world …lol!


What would you advise to the readers of Metal On Loud Magazine: what Obszön Geschöpf and other bands’ albums they should give a listen to and why…


You need to listen to all OG albums because each of them is totally different from others. As for other bands, the new Die Krupps album is a fucking kickass , the new Filter album sounds cool too (I have listened to it yesterday) – I will see them in Belgium in June (if I remember) .


Thank you very much, Remzi, for an interesting talk. Metal On Loud Magazine team wishes much success to the band! Always your fans! m/


Thank you ;-)!



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