I can’t stop making music, it’s my blood in my veins

UneducateD 2.0

Hello Marco!! Please tell us something about yourself and give us a brief introduction of your band mates.

Hello Nayan, I am Marco Profeta from Lommel, Limburg, Belgium. 40 years young. Happy together with my girlfriend Sofie and 3 kids Jana, Zoe & Annelise. Music is my passion. Learn to Play guitar from myself at the age of 14. Playing everyday at least 2 hours for the first 3 years. I played guitar in 7 bands (till now) Played bass guitar in ! band and Did lead vocals in 3 of the 7 bands. The genre varied from groove metal/rock to thrash metal, to metalcore to rock covers. I play a lot of styles, but what I play best is groove metal, I really love it.

I can’t stop making music, it’s my blood in my veins. My bandmate(s) in UneducateD 2.0 is Robin Henckens (29), a great guy, what do I say, not a great guy…a great friend! And a beast behind the drumkit, I tell you that! He plays with me in bands untill 2005. And he really has grown as a drummer since then. He’s my partner in crime in UneducateD 2.0! Robin and I are the heart of UneducateD 2.0. I wrote for 95% all of the music and lyrics, and Robin did the fine tuning of the drums. We have also Kristof van roey (34) on second guitar. He is our second live-guitar player. He played in 2 other bands with us. We know him as a guitar player and as a friend. The 4th guy is Jonas dewerdt (17), the very young new guy on bass. He has a lot to learn, but he has great teachers in the band. These are the guys in UneducateD 2.0!

What is the reason behind naming the band UneducateD 2.0?

The reason that we named the band UneducateD 2.0 is, that we had a band that was active from 2000-2005 called UneducateD, that band was quite successful in our area and we started then making name. We played a lot of gigs, did 3 demo’s and 1 full album, a video clip. We played melodic groove metal/rock. The music from this band was my favourite and the band was my baby. Now 10 years after the band disbanded, I always felt that this is a part of me and my life. So I decided to re-arrange and re-write some of the old demo-songs and make new songs. As I said, I love this kind of music. It felt like a second birth of my baby, and so i named the band UneducateD 2.0.

This question might sound harsh but still i am shooting it to you. I’ve heard bands nowadays doesn’t make enough money to survive. So why to form a band? Absolute passion for music or greed of fame?

Absolute passion for sure! Making money with a band is nowadays only for Metallica, Iron maiden, AC/DC and bands of that calibre. Even great bands as death angel and exodus has to work hard to keep their heads above water. Members of these bands have to take a job to pay the bills. Deep inside I’m still that boy that dreams to sell my music and play great gigs before many people in great clubs and festivals. But reality can hit hard and so you have to stay with both feet on the ground. That’s a good thing by the way. I don’t like bands and people who think they’re better and more than other people. We are all the same you know. We all smell if we’re leaving the toilet. I really love playing and making music, even for  a few people. I feel blessed for the talent that’s given me, and I’m a born entertainer. I hope that I can do this for many years to come.

Are you facing any problems now to give a boost to the band?

From day one that I play in bands, I was the heart of the band. I motivated everyone in the band because I wanted to make the best music possible at that time with the people in the band. I did that for 25 years, and I do it nowadays. That’s in my blood to I think. And that is because I always believed in what we were doing. Back in the day there was no internet, no facebook, no digital media. It was mouth to mouth. It was difficult to get some attention. Back in the day it was easier to play in clubs and festivals. Nowadays with the internet and stuff, there are so many bands that it is to crowdy for festivals and clubs to pick some bands to play on their stage. Now it’s easier to record an album and profile yourself to the world, because of pro-tools and other digital record techniques. There are so many bands. It’s a little bit weird, now we have easier ways to get to the people, but there are to many bands for the record labels to sign them. And so, there are many bands that do it DIY. We do it that way to. Wait and see what comes out. But we wanna have fun in everything that we do.

I’ve heard many members of legendary bands saying you need to sacrifice a lot for being in a band.

I just want to ask you as you are into the scene now that what kind of sacrifices are meant to be made? Have you made any till now?
If you’re young and want only one thing and that is playing as much as you can, all over the world, and making records every 2 or 3 years, then you live for only one thing. It’s very difficult to have a relationship, to have a family of your own. And you get homesick every time you are out to tour for a couple of weeks or months. That’s the hard part of touring and being in a band. And being in the same bus for weeks or months can be hard to, when you’re tired and you want to rest and other guys want to party. As for me, I have a relationship and kids, I’m happy that I see my family almost every day. I think that it would be very difficult for me to be from home for a couple of weeks or months. I’ m glad that I can play shows in the weekends.

But if we get the opportunity to go out with a band that has a name, we’ll do it. As I said earlier, I live for playing music, and if you wanna do that, you have to live with some sacrifices. I know for sure, that if you know that your family believes in you and in what you are doing, it helps to get through it. They are with you always, you carry them with you, all day long. And nowadays there is skype and facetime, so, bring it on.

Please describe your music making process in brief?

For me that’s something magical! Back in the day it was 3, 4 or 5 guys in a garage, basement or attic, making our parents angry with all that noise. We had only 1 mission, conquer the world with our music. I was the guitar player and wrote riffs all day long, I had so many riffs, they came to me, they were sent to me. I throw the riffs in the band and we start to jam. Then it becomes a song. Or I made a song structure at home and played it to the guys, and we worked it out from there on. Now for the UneducateD 2.0 album I wrote everything (for 95%) at home in my home studio. Guitar riffs, lyrics, drums, bass lines, …Robin came in every ones in a while and fine-tuned the drums and fills. I made demo’s of the songs and listened it over and over. Changes were made along the way, until we were satisfied. We did it with 2 guys, Robin and me. We booked a studio of a friend in our neighbourhood, and we started recording, mixing and mastering from the end of august 2015 until january 2016. We did this ourselves with the help of Yves, the owner of the studio. At start we had 13 songs, 11 made it to the album. 1 song we kept as a bonus for everyone that buys the album. Robin did the drums in the studio, I did all the guitars, bass and lead vocals in the studio. The programming for the intro’s on “society crumbles” and “my own way”, I did along with Yves (owner of the studio) And the gang vocals on “release the dog” were performed by Robin, Yves and me.

What lyrical themes are your songs based on?

The album title is “trust in hope for what shall come” It’s how I see the world and the people who are living in this world these days. Terror is daily news, people are afraid, poor people become more poor, rich people become more rich, everything is based on money and making money. People can’t live normally anymore. We have to work till we drop and so on…That along with mother nature who gives us earthquakes, tornado’s, tsunami’s, etc…Global warming thanks to us humans…It’s becoming very difficult to grow old naturally. Many people are dying on cancer…We don’t know what we are breathing and eating. As you see, not much to be positive about…BUT, I wanna give a positive note to this negative stuff happening in the world. We need to keep believing in the future. We got to have faith that positive things will come to us. Even if we go through this age of terror and so much senseless violence. War is of all ages and comes in all forms. Most of the songs go about certain personal theme’s, and that’s that you have to be confident in what you’re doing, that you’re equal to other people “SELF CONFIDENCE”, About making mistakes and learn from them “MY OWN WAY”, About falling and getting back up with your head up high, after a setback “LOOSE THIS NOOSE”, About acceptance and letting your hatred go in a natural way “LET MY HATRED GO”, About struggling but keep going on, even if you’re tired and empty “UTOPIA”, “HARD TO”, “JUST LEAVE IT”. “SOCIETY CRUMBLES” is about all the hypocrisy going on and the disrespect for our world. “WE MEET AGAIN” is the one song not handling these theme’s, but simply is about coming back, stronger than before, with a lot of confidence.

What are your future plans in regards to the band?

We are ready to hit the stages. A few weeks ago we had our first gig and it went very well. There are more gigs on the way and we’re looking forward to that. Playing live is what we like most! We also shot a studio/clip for the song “LET MY HATRED GO”, We made a couple of studio reports of the recordings and the fun we had along the way. 2 out of 3 reports are now ready and on youtube. In a few months we’ll shoot another video clip, this time on location! Looking forward to that to. If all goes well, Robin and I will make songs for the next record, but first we’ll concentrate on this album.

How people worldwide can get access to your music?

Everyone can order our album on our facebook page : www.facebook.com/UneducateDgroovebelgium, or email to : masterp1976@hotmail.com. We can ship it all over the world. On our facebook page we have some listening-links, to listen to some songs of the album.

Do you have a few words for our readers?

I like to ask the readers to give us a chance and to take some time to listen to our music. It would be greatly appreciated. We live for our music and wanna be heard. Get in touch with us, we always get back to you. Help small bands to survive in the scene. Support your local bands, Go to shows, buy their music, give them feedback. That’s the reason why we play in a band!


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