hide it behind the screen of religion or money


I have already told you, friends, that I am seriously exploring this unusual metal subgenre – brutal death metal. And I got lucky, as I had a chance to talk with the founder, songwriter and guitarist of brutal death metal band Fleshgore from Ukraine Igor Lystopad!­

Hello, Igor! Thank you for your friendship with our Facebook community METALHEADS FOREVER and original sound of your music which you keep alive for more than 15 years! I’d say that your music calls to the deepest raw emotions of a human being! How come that you have chosen this brutality in the whole orchard of metal subgenres?

Thank you for your words. First of all I like this style of metal. Coz it’s the truest metal genre is. Nobody can obligate us what we have to play. We are free in our creative process. Also this genre is so heavy as hell and no one other style can be close to it.

What reputation do Fleshgore have on the death metal scene? What kind of feedback can we hear from your colleagues in the metal community?

Usually I not collect feedbacks about us. But I remember Dave Rotten wrote about our newest CD: “this is undoubtedly one of the best albums within this genre for 2016!” Hope it is true =)

The band has passed all the stages of underground through the years, changed the lineup, records companies… What can you say about the current moment: are you satisfied with what is happening with the band? What are you happy with? What would you change in future?

We are very happy that band was reformed few years ago with new strong lineup! We started to work with new material and now we have good result as new CD “Denial of the Scriptures” release by label  Xtreem Music. Now we see a lots of good reviews over the worlds, so yes, we are satisfied with it, but of course we want more and now we are work for it!

What is your vision in regards to popularisation of the genre? What do Fleshgore implement to be more popular among metalheads, to gain more fans?

I think live shows are the best way to populate, also should be nice to make good videos. Anyway all ways are fine. Social networks also make a huge promotion as well.

What are the main topics of your songs? Why do you choose these themes?

Lyrics from our last few releases took from real life and real shit around us. We touched themes about wars, death, mass genocide, forgotten knowledge, total and mind control and many more. Of course, the most important thing is that rest of people closes their eyes and they hide it behind the screen of religion or money.

Tell our readers about the roles of your band members in the process of songwriting and arrangement…

I wrote the most music but on rehearsals we tried to add any ideas of all members. But not all tracks wrote by me. For example track “Bloody Hands of Aggressor“ on new album “Denial of the Scriptures” was wrote by Ruslan. Also he wrote most. He done perfect song, so I just added my solo on it and few details and that’s all. The structure and musical ideas was perfect and we didn’t change anything. Lev also offered cool ideas in every song I did.

Your latest album Denial of The Scriptures received the most positive reviews from music critics and fantastic feedback from fans. What makes this album different from the previous ones? Are you happy with the result? What are the songs you are mostly proud of?

Yes, we are happy with the result. Every song is very good. So I think I can say that this album is the best CD we made ever. We read a lot of positive feedback every day!!!  I can add that different people like different songs on it. But I can select my favorites as: “Talk to me about god”, “Forgotten Knowledge” and “Denial of the Scriptures”. Also I really like song “New ordeal comes..” But as I said all songs are really good!!!

Fleshgore achieved a lot – sharing a stage with death metal superstars, participation in the most famous festivals, but what are your ambitions? What else would you want to achieve?

During 15 years we played in 20 countries all over the world. But world is big and we want to play everywhere!!! Should be nice to play long North and South American tours and visit also many other countries. Asia and Japan for example.

What should we expect from the band in the nearest future? Any secrets to share with  Metal On Loud Magazine readers 😉

We have a huge plan about North American tour. Will see what we have to do. But we work on it now!?

What would you advise to people who are not fond of brutal death metal? How to learn to appreciate such music?

I can advice to research musical technique of death metal bands. Also start listen this music from pioneers like great bands Cannibal Corpse, Obituary or Death. Maybe this can help.

What would you wish to all metalheads – readers of our magazine?

Stay true! Support your favorite bands! Visit their shows and buy their stuff. Your support is very important!!

Thank you very much for your sincere replies! Metal On Loud Magazine team is your the most loyal collective fan. Please, keep making us happy with your brutal art! METAL ON LOUD! m/

Thank you!


Tania Legrand

Tania Legrand is a co-founder of Metal On Loud! This Russia-born metal lover currently operates from France. She manages the Facebook community and does interviews.

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