Headbanging tight riffs, heavy atmosphere

Project Silence

Last month we sat down for an interview with Delacroix from Project Silence from Finland, an Aggrotech, industrial metal band.

Hello, And thank you for taking the time to participate in an interview with Metal On Loud Magazine. How are you today?

No problem! I am fine, thanks. And you?
Please present yourself and your band members.
I am Delacroix, vocalist, keybordist and composer in Project Silence.  
J is our rhythm guitarist, Mr. Sanderz is our lead guitarist, Sturmpanzerjäger is the bass player and Silve_R is our drummer.
Let’s discuss the band, Where you got the idea to start it?
I always wanted to make industrial based music and after my previous project died out I just decided to make a new project. First it was just my solo project and I composed first songs for it in late 2007. When the year turned to 2008 I decided to release some of these songs online. Later in the same year Silve_R, J and Mr. Sanderz joined in. There is really no big story behind it all, this band is just what I really wanted to do.
Your upcoming release is coming early 2016, what will we find inside of it?

Industrial, thrash- and black metal influnces, headbanging tight riffs, heavy atmosphere and generally the best songs from Project Silence yet! This album will be the album I always wanted to make.
What are your future plans? Where are you planning to head with your music?

Our music is always going to evolve and I always try to make better stuff than before, songs that I will enjoy even more. We have a lot of things going on right now, but we are definitely going forward.   
Your origin, Finland, is not the wordly center of Aggrotech and Industrial Metal music, Why you chose this genre over the others?

It’s a very interesting genre and you can do a lot with it. I don’t want to restrict the music to just one genre, there is much to explore and I think industrial music lets you do just that and I still can mix and blend stuff to it.  
You’ve released an album in 2012, named “424”. What can you tell us about the journey up to today from there?

There was a lot of hardship along the way, but after we got to the point that we got “424” released it has been mostly a positive journey, we have had great shows, great events, we have met great bands and awesome people, we relased some singles and remixes along the way, of course there have been some hardships as well but that’s the life. Finally we are on the edge of release date of our second album, it has been a crazy ride but it all has been worth it.  
Please recommend some music for the readers.

If you like us try out:
Scrongrain, Psyclon Nine, Dimmu Borgir, Judas Priest, Scar Symmetry.
Anything you might want to add up , some last words for the fans?

Delacroix: A big thanks for the support, you are awesome!  
Thank you for your time, and best wishers for you!
Thank you, same to you!  


Zohar Belkin

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