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It’s always nice to check in on our former Metalheads Forever competition bands and for our readers that might have missed the contest,can you tell us a bit about who you are and what you play?

Of course,I am the founder of HEX and I started the band in 2011 once the writing and composition of the debut album was completed and I sing and write all the music and lyrics.

You describe your music as Industrial Horror Metal.To me it has a Heavy Southern vibe to it as well.What are your biggest influences where it comes to your musical style?

With HEX,I set no limitations on what I can do and I can mix all the emotions and nuances in the songs and on the debut album,I mixed up everything that I like Blues,Country, Rock, Metal, Industrial and more.The new album is harder,darker and more Industrial and expect to see the album released early in the New Year.

Hex makes use of gas masks and other horror related elements in most of it’s media outings.I can imagine this also brings an extra edge to a live show,what does a Hex show offer?

I have always liked bands with a strong visual look and a lot of energy on stage and we want a gig with HEX to be something for all the senses,so the gas masks,smoke and the Industrial music makes a really cool mix.

Looking back on 2015, how has your year been?

2015 has been a really great year for HEX and We have been in Germany supporting Hanzel und Gretyl from the U.S. and a lot of new contacts have been made,so the future looks bright.

As of this issue, Metal On Loud will have a horror related section,how important is the Horror movie scene to you?

I have always loved horror movies and all that comes with it – older movies and new ones and I think that Rock music and Horror works really good together Rob Zombie, Alice Cooper,Marilyn Manson are great examples of that.

You have been commissioned to write the music for the upcoming Horror movie “Slaughter Farm” by BADanger Pictures,directed by Dan Yeager (who portrayed “Leatherface” in Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D).That’s a very cool development and How did this come to pass?

The internet is an amazing place sometimes and we started writing and communication together,they liked HEX and I like Horror movie and I have always wanted to try to make music for a movie.I am not making all the music but hopefully some songs for it.Then of course it was and still is strange and very cool feeling to know that you were sending a e-mail to Leatherface (Dan Yeager ) and his companion Ron Scott.

What will the movie be about?

I’ll have to give you the answer directly from Dan Yeager on this one.”Slaughter Farm” is a new picture from Dan Yeager in his directorial debut. “I think I’ve finally written a worthy follow-up to my work as Leatherface in Texas Chainsaw.” – It’s”Turistas meets Texas Chainsaw Massacre,” The Metal Version.” – Dan Yeager

Check out : slaughterfarm.com and Slaughter Farm on facebook.

You are currently working on a new release as well,what will the new album sound like?

The new album is entitled Beast Device and the music is harder more aggressive than the debut album.The sound has changed to a more Industrial sound but it is still built on guitar riffs so I hope that you will like it.

Do you have any other exciting news about upcoming projects for us? What will 2016 look like for Hex?

We have a lot of cool things in the pipeline and we are gonna do shows together with Ost+Front from Germany and doing a festival gig in Sweden. Than I have a contact in Moscow for a Small tour so we will see what that leads to.We have a lot of music coming,music for ‘Slaughter Farm” and some acoustic stuff.I am working on a new song that will have guest vocals by Waylon Reavis ex Mushroomhead,so that’s very exciting and next up in January is the release of another pro-shot video for our latest HEX single entitled “God”.

Any last words for our readers?

Check out our music and join us at facebook and help spread the word about HEX: http://www.facebook.com/hexweb

Thank you for taking the time to talk to us and we look forward to your projects this year!

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