Darkness filled with Romanticism


Darkness filled with Romanticism and a lot of melancholic melodies. Does that sound amazing? Well we are talking about the Silhouette a brand new band from Denmark.

We had an Interview with Tobias the lead singer of the band, He is an amazing guy, had the patience and time to share some time with us.

Tobie, Die the fire LP being your debut album, how do you feel and how is the response from the metal world?

I’m very glad that people are interested in it and touched by it in some way. It means a lot for us all in the band. It has been a long hard process with this debut LP..But It’s always is with the first record for a band I believe. Next time we will have a better Idea on how this particular thing works best for all of us in the band.

Are you guys touring now in support of the LP, how does the fans reaction towards your live concerts?

We are getting a positive response; we got positive response for Die the Fire LP. Fans who had come to support the concert has been very kind to us and we are happy that they love what we do. We love them for that.

We have this great festival Frederica called “Metal Magic Festival” and the guys that run the show have been very kind to us for the last two years to promote the band and give it a good start. We have also played in the city of Kolding at an event called “Kolding Kulturnat” and we were received so well there. So that’s a good start.

Would you like to tell us how it all began? How did you meet each other? What made you guys to start a Band?

Well…For the past 10 years I have had these songs and Ideas in my head and in my body and I didn’t feel it had a place in other musical projects I involved in for the last 10 years. And I really wanted to play these songs more than anything else. So when I had some time I present these ideas to my old friend Stefan (Guitarist), We went to musical school together. And I met this new friend  Tommie (Drums) 5 years back, Tommie and I worked In another band. And Stefan’s brother Kasper is our Sound Master, he does the sound engineering guy. So I felt this union of friends and family is a very good base  for starting this life project. The three of us in the band agreed to have a Hammond Organ Player in the band as a 4th member. We had a tough time in the start to find a player. And then we found this androgynous God like creature from the city of Arhus, Denmark. Eric is his name and he was the guy we missed so much in the band, and now we feel like we have a 4 Piece band like a family.

After Listening to your LP I felt Pink Floyd should have been a huge Influence, are there any other Legends who had influenced you in this passion and love for music?

The four of us enjoy Pink Floyd’s music so much, Of course, who the fuck doesn’t. But there is a lot of other things not just bands influencing us. What you read, see and feel is just as big as an inspiration than other peoples music. Musically we expand quite wide. I get a lot of inspiration from Tom Waits and Nick Cave. The Doors, Free has also been a lot of Inspiration to me. I also love bands like Mayhem, Darkthrone, Repugnant and many other Extreme metal bands. And Stefan also plays on a country music band as a side project. So we are quite diverse when it comes to music and it gives us a lot of Inspiration to make things new.

What’s the plan for 2016? Do you have plans for another album any sooner?

We are at the moment setting up as many good shows that we can for the next 5-6 months in support of the new record for the masses.

In the last weeks of May, We have a 10 day tour in Czech Republic, Poland and Slovenia along with another band from Denmark called “The World State”. We are also planning to begin recording of a complete album, which would be hopefully out in 2017. And we will be releasing a couple of live Videos from our concert this year. Other than that we are just gonna live wild and free.

Good luck and have a great year ahead Tobie and everyone in the band, Greetings from everyone from Metal On Loud.

Thanks Keith, My wishes to everyone at Metal on Loud for interviewing us and have a great year ahead.


Keith Clement

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